Study as a non-degree student

FH6A9698Studies programs for non-degree students fall into two categories:

  • Either as students who are part of an international exchange program (non-degree program).
  • Students who are not part of such programme are referred to as non-degree students individual. These students can enroll for a six-months-study course open for all seminars, lectures, etc. with all faculties. The status of non-degree students equals that of exchange students according to §60 I 5 LHG; non-degree students can take exams. Enrollment is possible in accordance with the University’s general enrollment deadlines and if the student is officially invited by the university (e.g by a professor, lecturer, etc.). If all necessary requirements are fulfilled, students can move from non-degree to regular studies.

Temporary students have to pay an obligatory tuition fee of 170 Euros. This includes a student public transport pass, membership with the student union (who can help with housing etc.) as well as membership with STUVUS (the union of student representatives).

For further information please visit the homepage of the Department for International Affairs.