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We are driving the revolution in personalized medicine. And you don’t even need to be a doctor. You can study biochemical and technical subjects with us which will enable you to work in the field of medicine. Biomedical Systems is the topic of the future.
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Do you want to learn how the human body works without becoming a doctor? Do you also find technology as interesting as sciences such as biology and chemistry? Then study at the University of Stuttgart and play your part in shaping global progress.

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We are revolutionizing personal medicine at the University of Stuttgart. In the SimTech Cluster of Excellence for example, our scientists are developing a digital human model. This will help them to understand how muscles, the skeleton and the nervous system interact with one another, and as a result will be able to develop models which make therapies more effective or make crash tests safer. This kind of model lays the foundations for tailor-made as well as economical methods for healing cardiovascular diseases, cancer or other very rare diseases. With a degree from the University of Stuttgart you can play your part in shaping this revolution. 

Inquired: Clara studies Technical Biology at the University of Stuttgart

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Our top scientists are experts in fields such as technical biology, medical technology, sports science or simulation technology, and give students the benefit of their specialist knowledge. They will give you the education you need for your entire future career.

Your future

There are a number of companies based in the Stuttgart region which provide employment in the field of Biomedical Systems. Hospitals, dialysis centers, industry and research are looking for highly skilled experts who can develop for example Rehabilitation systems, operation robots or functional materials for medical technology, diagnostics or environmental analysis. You can be a part of this with a degree in Biomedical Systems.

Become an expert in biomedical systems and solve the problems of tomorrow!

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