Vice Rector for Research and Early Career Researchers

The Rectorate

Prof. Dr. Manfred Bischoff has been a member of the Rectorate for Research and Early Career Researchers since October 1, 2021. Manfred Bischoff is Professor and Head of the Institute for Structural Mechanics (IBB) at the faculty for Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Prof. Dr. Manfred Bischoff, Vice Rector for Research and Early Career Researchers

The overarching goal of our university research is the gathering of scientific knowledge that is useful to people and the creation of optimum conditions for early career researchers, who represent the University of Stuttgart's most important contribution to a sustainable society.

Prof. Dr. Manfred Bischoff

Responsibilities and goals

The University of Stuttgart sees itself as a leading technically oriented university with a research spectrum that combines basic principles, application and transfer to industry. The tasks and goals of the Vice Rectorate for Research include:

  • Ensuring first-class research conditions
  • Making research successes visible
  • Promotion of competitive basic and application-oriented research
  • Excellent professors and early career researchers with excellent working and career conditions, as well as space for creative research.
  • Research partnerships and interdisciplinarity
  • Research infrastructures and e-science services

Successes in research affects all levels of university performance, especially the services offered to students and the transfer of knowledge and technology to industry and society. The guiding principles are transparency, integrity, and cooperation in the spirit of the Stuttgart Way.

This image shows Manfred Bischoff

Manfred Bischoff

Prof. Dr.

Vice Rector for Research and Early Career Researchers

This image shows Carola Föller

Carola Föller


Personal Assistant to the Vice Rector for Research and Early Career Researchers

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