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For all individuals from a refugee background interested in studying: Welcome Campus is here to provide you with all the necessary information.

INTEGRA 2022: "Language courses for refugees interested in studying"
The Welcome Centre offers free-of-charge places in preparatory language courses from April 2022 for refugees interested in studying. Please note that only applications received via the Integra-Online-Portal will be accepted. The application portal is open from January 10th, 2022 to February 28th, 2022. You can apply within this period. Late applications cannot be considered.

With the Welcome Campus, the University of Stuttgart has set up a coordination point for refugees interested in studying that is intended to facilitate their (re-) entry into university studies.

Our main aim is to offer personal advice and the co-ordination of projects by means of which refugees can be integrated and supported. The choice is continually being expanded, to enable integration of refugees as quickly and smoothly as possible into the University's daily life.


During the consultation session, persons with a refugee background can obtain information in personal consultation meetings

  • in order to (re) enter academic studies
  • concerning language courses
  • in relation to available support
  • concerning the higher education landscape in Germany
  • about inter-cultural activities of the University of Stuttgart.

This service is of course also open to voluntary support persons.

The general information for studying at the University of Stuttgart is also available in Arabic. (Not accessible document. If you cannot read it, please send us an e-mail.)

In Germany, there are various types of higher education institutions:

  • Universities
  • Technical universities
  • Universities of music and art
  • Teacher training colleges
  • Universities of applied sciences
  • Administrative universities

Further information concerning the various types of higher education institutions and the study programs available in Baden-Württemberg can be found on the website of the Ministry for Science, Art and Culture.

The "Study-in-Germany“ platform of the DAAD also provides a great deal of information.

Should you have any queries, for example concerning the admission procedures and requirements of the individual universities, please contact the respective consultation offices of the universities. A list of contact persons and websites of the universities is available on the website of the MWK.

The website of the Admissions Office for foreigners provides information concerning what conditions you must fulfill in order to commence academic studies at the University of Stuttgart. The application for a study place is done via the C@MPUS application portal. During the application process, we do not work with uni-assist. Should you have any queries concerning an application via uni-assist, please contact an institution which participates in this process.

Before you apply, you must discuss your plans with your competent authority (for example the job center). This will avoid any financial difficulties.

You can check your university admission entitlement on the Anabin database of the university rectors' conference portal [de]. Should you have further queries concerning your school qualifications, you can contact the Admissions Office for foreigners.

The choice of academic studies depends on various factors. For example, it may be the case that certificates from the home country only allow a conditional university admission entitlement and it is then required to first attend a preparatory college or that only certain subjects may be studied in Germany. The Admissions Office for foreigners can provide information in this respect.

Information concerning the application process can also be found on the university website. The application takes place solely online via the C@MPUS applicant portal.

Should you require advice concerning the higher education landscape in Baden Württemberg and the content of academic programs which can be studied at the University of Stuttgart, please contact the University Student Counseling center.

As a guest, you can participate in seminars, lectures and events prior to taking up a course of academic study. Information concerning this can be found on the extracurricular studies website.

As a rule, the University of Stuttgart requires a language level of C1 in order to commence academic studies, which is proven by the 4x4 DaF test. Information concerning the DaF test can be found on the website of the university or on the website of the DaF test institute [de].

In order to reach level C1, an intensive language course is generally necessary, however it is normally the case that the participants must pay for this themselves. Persons recognized as having an entitlement to protection can apply for support via the educational guidance guarantee fund for universities. A number of universities also offer language courses within the framework of the Integra [de] program supported by the DAAD and BMBF.

Since the winter semester 2017/18, the institutions of higher education in Baden-Württemberg have been charging tuition fees to international students and for a second course of academic study. However, depending on the residency status, it is possible to apply for a tuition fee exemption.

Information concerning tuition fees and the application for exemption can be found on the website of the Admissions Office for foreign students.

Recognized refugees (recognized persons entitled to asylum, refugees with recognised of refugee status and subsidiary protection in accordance with § 23 Paragraph 1 or 2 of the German Residency Act - AufenthG) can apply for BAföG support immediately following recognition.

From 01.01.2016, tolerated persons and holders of certain humanitarian residency titles (§ 25 Paragraph 3, § 25 Paragraph 4 Sentence 2, § 25 Paragraph 5) and persons with a residence permit for family reasons (according to §§ 30 to 34) can apply for BAföG following a stay of 15 months.

Should the general requirements be met, individual conditions will be checked (previously completed semesters, course of study, age etc). All queries concerning BAföG should be addressed to the BAföG advice center of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart.


Welcome Campus coordinates and supports the projects:
  • Free-of-charge German courses for refugees interested in studying
  • Language courses, employability workshops and events for students from refugee backgrounds at the Language Center Stuttgart (contact person: Michael Pandey)
  • The Student Group „Freundeskreis Flüchtlinge“ (FFUS) and bilingual tutorials (contact person: Manar Al Khawam)
  • The Association “Begegnungsraum”: a meeting point for newcomers and citizens (contact:


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