Intelligent through diversity

Humanity in all its variety enriches the university. Equal opportunity, equal rights, and diversity characterize our working together.

The University of Stuttgart understands the diversity of its members and varied disciplines as a source of potential. Dealing intelligently with diversity is a vital part of successful diversity management and essential for excellent science, successful learning and the integration of different perspectives and backgrounds.

Prof. Dr. Silke Wieprecht, Vice Rector for Diversity and Internationalization

The University of Stuttgart is a signatory of the Diversity Charta. The goal is to create an open-minded working environment that recognizes and promotes diversity. Open mindedness, tolerance, respect and fairness are the basis for working together in everyday university life and for achieving organizational goals. 

This image shows Silke Wieprecht

Silke Wieprecht

Prof. Dr.

Vice Rector for Diversity and Internationalization

This image shows Katharina Wilhelm

Katharina Wilhelm


Personal Assistant to the Vice Rector for Diversity and Internationalization

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