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Support programs for international students

The International Office offers three support programs to international students who are about to start their studies at the University of Stuttgart.

Please note: Due to coronavirus all support programs will only be available on a limited basis until further notice. Please see the individual websites for further information.

Studying in a new country can be quite challenging, but our support programs will help ease your way into university life.

There are three different support programs at the International Office, each provides different areas of support but what they all have in common is that a senior student will support you. Having a fellow student at your side who already knows his*her way around is very beneficial.

For degree-seeking students the buddy program ready.study.stuttgart  offers arrival support, the mentors at the Intercultural Mentoring Program accompany and support international students during the first semester and the uni mates program links the arrival support with the semester support.

For exchange students the buddy program ready.study.stuttgart offers arrival support and support with the formalities.

Not sure yet? The decision tree will help!

Every journey is personal, so there might be areas where you need support and others where you can manage on your own. So it is up to you to decide which program fits your needs: Do you want to be welcomed at the airport or are you okay on your own? Would you like to have someone on your side who is fluent in German and who can support you with the formalities after your arrival? Or do you want to have a mentor at your side for the first semester?

Long story cut short: These services are offered by the individual programs:
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Dezernat Internationales

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