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Since 2013, partners from science and industry have been researching the future of mobility and production at the Active Research Environment for the Next generation of Automobiles (ARENA2036 for short), located at the heart of the university campus in Stuttgart-Vaihingen.

As the first of nine research campuses nationwide, the pioneering spirit at Campus ARENA2036 focuses on the topic of future mobility and production. Located at the heart of an industrial and automotive metropolis and in close proximity to the University of Stuttgart, this research campus seeks to establish essential networks between science and business. The "Research Campus - Public-Private Partnership for Innovation" initiative from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) will co-finance the project for a total of three funding phases, during which it will transition to self-financing. 

At the research factory on the University of Stuttgart's Campus Vaihingen, numerous experts work together on more than 50 projects.

What makes the ARENA2036 research campus special?

The topics of mobility and production are key factors when it comes to ensuring prosperity, quality of life and sustainability. At the same time, the challenges posed by our mobility and production behaviors are becoming increasingly clear: Enabling resource-efficient and crisis-proof production, as well as developing sustainable transport options are just a few issues that will shape the future of mobility. This is where the ARENA2036 research campus comes in. It develops interdisciplinary projects, bringing people involved in the science and industrial sectors together to help shape the (automotive) production of the future.

Collaborative project work will contribute to optimally transferring research findings into industrial innovations.

Prof. Wolfram Ressel, Rector, University of Stuttgart

The research campus projects and activities take place in the high-tech research factory on the University of Stuttgart's Campus Vaihingen, which was built in 2016 and awarded the Industrial Building Prize. The projects housed in the 10,000 m2 building include the four collaborative projects undertaken during the second funding phase: Agile InnovationsHub, Digital Fingerprint, FlexCAR and Fluid Production. These form the strategic pillars of collaboration at the ARENA2036 research campus.

The numerous project groups work closely together on site and benefit from established networks and interdisciplinary expertise at the research campus.

The goals of ARENA2036

The synergies that develop between partner organizations are key to enabling successful co-creative work on diverse projects. Based on excellent, interdisciplinary basic and applied research, the various partners are able to develop new innovations, which can be transferred directly to industry via the partner companies. For example, so-called "accelerator programs" and speedboat projects, which are based at the research campus, help to establish networks between start-ups and large companies or organizations. These include STARTUP AUTOBAHN and the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research (ENI)

ARENA2036 is a unique hotspot for research, industry and entrepreneurship. A wide variety of disciplines, cultures and experiences come together here, which always leads to exciting developments.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Brem, Head of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science (ENI) at the University of Stuttgart
New ways of human-robot team work in place of the rigid assembly line.
New ways of human-robot team work in place of the rigid assembly line.

What is the main focus of the research campus?

The ARENA2036 research campus functions as an interface, linking the key topics of production and mobility in the Stuttgart metropolitan region with the fields of sustainability, connectivity, and the transformation of work. Thus, in addition to new forms of mobility, those involved also research modern options for intralogistics and other essential parts of the value and supply chain. They combine a wide range of technologies and test them, among other things, in terms of their impact on the way employees work.

As part of this, collaborations between various partners at the ARENA2036 research campus enables, for example, new technologies, such as 5G or AI systems, to be integrated into existing processes. The ARENA2036 research campus not only supports the implementation of products and technologies, but also the development of new forms of work.

ARENA2036 is not only a platform for business and industry: Students from a wide variety of study programs can also participate in the projects – for example, as a topic for their final theses.



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