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Teaching and further training

The University of Stuttgart puts on events and projects for students and scientists to familiarize them with the idea of starting up their own business. This way, they learn the key skills required of an entrepreneur and get their first experience with startups.

Just like becoming an Olympic athlete, no one is born to create their own start-up. But with motivation, subject knowledge and training, as well as the opportunity to gain experience, everybody can develop their entrepreneurial skills.

With the “Let US start!” project, which is supported by the Vector Foundation, as well as various teaching events, the University of Stuttgart offers a variety of courses to better acquaint students with entrepreneurial spirit and behavior. These projects are designed to showcase starting your own business as an attractive career option to students and to convey the key entrepreneurship skills needed in the 21st century.

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Projects and formats

Projects and formats

The University of Stuttgart offers a wide range of courses, workshops, and many other startup-related events. The aim is to offer students what they need to be able to learn the basics of starting their own business based on their own ideas and interests. The part-time master’s degree program in Intra- and Entrepreneurship gives a comprehensive knowledge of corporate management and  teaches how to plan, manage and optimize technology-oriented startups and innovation projects.


Let US X Community

The new start-up movement “Let US X Community” at the University of Stuttgart offers hackathons, workshops and events. People with a shared interest in starting up their own company, alumni and other leading lights of the startup scene inspire and motivate the community. Students and scientists can exchange ideas and experiences or find fellow entrepreneurs. Events and meetings of Let US X Community are held in German and English. All interested persons are invited to participate.

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This picture showsAlexander Brem
Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. pol.

Alexander Brem

Head of the institute

This picture showsEric Heintze

Eric Heintze

Project manager Let US start!

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