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What is the Deutschlandstipendium? Who is it intended for? Here, you get an overview.

For students:

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What the Deutschlandstipendium means to our students
We have asked them. Here is what they said. Please notice: The persons in the video speak German.

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What is the Deutschlandstipendium?

The Deutschlandstipendium is a merit scholarship, but having good grades is not all that counts. This means, that besides excellent academic performance, students will have to meet other criteria. Therefore, the awarded students also distinguish themselves in other respects such as extracurricular activities, social commitment, because they overcame special social, familial, or personal circumstances, or because they show a readiness to take responsibility. For the valuing of the criteria, the University of Stuttgart guarantees a thorough selection process.

Matching funds from the Federal Government

A special feature of the scholarship is also the financial ‚lever‘ through matching funds: The 300 euros every scholarship holder receives every month consist of 150 euros from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and 150 euros from private donors such as companies, foundations, or private individuals. Thus, every euro donated is doubled by the federal government.

The following are the companies, foundations, and individuals who are funding the Deutschlandstipendium for the current period (summer semester 2024 to winter semester 2024/2025) and have agreed on their names to be published here.

  • Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH
  • Anton- und Klara-Röser-Stiftung
  • BBBank Stiftung
  • Bundesverband der Deutschen Ziegelindustrie e. V.
  • Berufsbildungswerk Philipp Jakob Wieland
  • Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung
  • Christian Bürkert Stiftung gGmbH
  • Deutsche Bahn AG
  • Dr. Erich Lang Stiftung
  • Dr. Ralf Otto
  • Drees & Sommer SE
  • Dürr Systems AG
  • Ed. Züblin AG
  • Fichtner GmbH & Co. KG
  • Georg Thieme Verlag KG
  • Gips-Schüle-Stiftung
  • Informatik-Forum Stuttgart e.V. (infos)
  • Josef-Wagner-Stiftung Friedrichshafen
  • Köster GmbH
  • Kries-Stiftung
  • KSB Stiftung
  • Louis Schuler Fonds für Bildung und Technische Wissenschaften e.V.
  • Lufthansa Technik AG
  • Markelstiftung
  • Netzwerk Baubetrieb und Immobilie der Universität Stuttgart e.V.
  • Novatec Consulting GmbH
  • Pilz GmbH & Co. KG
  • Prof. Käß
  • Reinhold und Martina Bumiller Stiftung
  • Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Stiftung Immobilie
  • Synatec GmbH
  • Vector Informatik GmbH
  • Vector Stiftung
  • Werner & Balci GmbH
  • Werner Sobek AG
  • Witte, Weller und Partner Patentanwälte mbB 

Thanks again to all the donors for their support and involvement!

Impressions of the 2023 ceremony

Photo galleries and pictures to download

To relive special moments of the Deutschlandstipendium Award Ceremony 2023, we provide you here with the picture galleries and images for download. Under "Past ceremonies" further down on this page, you will also find a follow-up report on the event.

Thank you for your interest.


Just 1,800 euros suffice to support one of our students for one year. Since the Federal Government will match your donation, the student receives a total of 3,600 euros per year or 300 euros per month.

You may donate whatever amount of money suits you! – In that case, please donate the chosen amount to the ‚Vereinigung von Freunden der Universität Stuttgart (VFUS) ‘ with the purpose of use ‚Deutschlandstipendium‘. Every time an amount of 1,800 euros is collected, the VFUS will provide one more grant.

The University of Stuttgart’s funding packages are tiered. Due to this, you may support only one student (at 1,800 euros per year) or give out larger funding packages.  

Donors who fund three scholarships (totaling 5,400 euros per year) have a say as to which study orientation they would like to support: i.e., two out of three scholarships are directed to study programs that the donor designates.  

Donors funding nine scholarships (or three scholarships for three years, “3x3”) have the additional possibility of taking part in the meetings of the University’s award committee in an advisory capacity.

For more information or answers to your questions, Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Eggert (see below) will look forward to hearing from you.

Our donors in the “3x3” category (see above under “funding packages”) can take part in an advisory capacity in the meeting of the award committee and advance suggestions and wishes. The University welcomes this, because it helps factor more professional expertise into the process.

Individual scholarships are awarded to the candidates by the voting members of the award committee who are exclusively representatives of the University.

However, after the selection, donors attending the award committee meetings in an advisory capacity can voice their own preferences: with insight into the anonymized application file, they may state which of the scholarship recipients best fit their own preconceptions as donors. The University makes every effort to take these wishes into consideration in making the final allocation.

There are basically three routes to getting acquainted:

Since the supported students normally are told who is funding their scholarship they are free to get in touch with their donor(s).

On the other hand, donor(s) can also contact the students they support. Provided that the grant holders agree on forwarding their data, donors are given these contact data. Experience has shown that nearly all Scholarship recipients agree to have their contact information divulged.

In addition, the University invites both sides to an annual gala when certificates are ceremonially handed out. The emphasis here is on dialogue and getting acquainted.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. However, you may determine the field of studies for two out of three funded grants. One out of the three has to remain free. The rectorate of the university determines the allocation of these ‚unbound‘ grants.

The term Deutschlandstipendium is trademarked and cannot be replaced by a different name. It is permissible, however, to have the (firm) name listed next to the Deutschlandstipendium , so that it reads “Deutschlandstipendium – given by Firm XY.”

There is no entitlement to that effect. But, as donor, you can inform us of your wish. The procedure of finding the donees is as follows: First, the respective supported individual must once again fulfill the performance criteria to be eligible for the renewal of the scholarship. If this i the case, and both sides are interested in continuing the donor relationship, then the University of Stuttgart will try to take this into account when allocating the scholarships. Otherwise, grants are randomly matched. Should the renewed allocation not be possible, we see a chance in this: awarding your scholarship to another exceptional individua may lead to a new, satisfactory donor relationship can flourish.

Donors taking part in the meetings of the award commission in an advisory capacity can review the entire file, whose anonymized contents are to be discussed during the meeting. 


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