Indication of previous academic qualifications

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If you have a prior academic qualification, you must indicate this during your application. This guide explains what you need to be aware of.

If you have a prior academic qualification, you must indicate this during your application.

Selection field "non-German universities"

The fields allocated for naming non-German universities are "either/or" fields. This means, when an entry is made in one of the fields, you will then be offered a predefined selection list in the next field.

If your university is not listed, you must proceed as follows:

  1. Select the country of your former university
  2. The topmost field in the "University" selection list is empty. Please select this.
  3. Then you can enter your university in the second empty field. If you wish to return to the selection list, you must first delete all characters from the lower input field.
You can enter the name of your university in the selection field "University" by using the empty field.
Manual input is possible by selecting the empty field.

Final examination

To apply for a master's degree program, you must have a relevant prior academic qualification (usually a bachelor's degree). The final examination of at least one previous academic study program must be recorded as "passed on the whole" or "not yet completed" in order to proceed with the application. You can leave the "Intermediate exam" field empty if there was no intermediate exam in your previous study program.

In the selection field "Final Exam" you must select "passed on the whole" or "not yet completed".
Selection field "Final exam"



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