From a land of cars to a land of mobility

Your future? Become a problem solver for the big questions of tomorrow!

We create new ideas for sustainable, intelligent and future-oriented mobility. Study at the University of Stuttgart and help Baden-Württemberg become the number one state for mobility.

Do you want to build your own (electric) vehicles, develop future means of transport or increase the quality of life in your region thanks to new mobility approaches? Then studying mobility at the University of Stuttgart is the right choice for you!

Your study destination

At the University of Stuttgart, the campus is your laboratory. As part of the “MobiLab” project, we test out new means of transport, electric drive systems, energy storage systems and energy distribution systems in a real-life setting here on campus. For example, we are developing a rental system with autonomous, self-balancing e-scooters and self-driving shuttle buses.

Putting theory into practice straight away? You got it! Our highly successful international student racing teams build racing cars independently and enter competitions around the world. You can try out, build and program everything yourself, from the combustion engine to the self-driving electric car.

Our scientists are mobility experts in various fields, such as aerospace engineering, transit systems, electromobility or automated and networked driving. They will give you an excellent preparation to tackle the challenges of the future.

Your future

Baden-Württemberg is the number one state in Germany for the car industry. A number of car manufacturers, suppliers and mobility firms have put down roots here. They are all looking for new mobility approaches which are more climate-friendly and more advanced. With a degree in mobility you can play your part and support them.

Become an expert in mobility and solve the problems of tomorrow!

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