Application status and uploading additional documents

C@MPUS guide

In this guide we will explain how to view your application status, and how to upload new documents, or replace documents in your application. You can also find your letter of admission in this section if your application was successful.

You can follow the status of your application after you have submitted your application via the campus management portal C@MPUS. In addition, you can add more documents or replace already uploaded documents until the application deadline. The following steps explain exactly how to do this.

1. My application

After logging into C@MPUS, please access your list of applications.

You can access your application by clicking on "My applications".

2. Viewing your status and the detailed overview

You can access a detailed overview of your application by clicking on the arrow symbol. Here, you can check the status of your application and upload missing documents or replace documents.

You can only upload new documents or replace missing documents until the application deadline.


Click on the arrow symbol marked "Show more details".
The arrow takes you to your application status.

3. Application status

Scroll down to the "Submission of application" section. There you will find further information on the status of your application.

Status of your application

4. Mandatory and optional documents

Some documents are mandatory, and some are optional. You can see this in the "Submission of application" section, too.

Mandatory (must) and optional (may) documents

5. Detailed document view

You can open the detailed view of a document by clicking on the gray triangle. If the document status is "not ok", you will receive a reason for the status here.

Please note: Depending on the entry semester of your chosen degree program, you will be shown a different end date for submitting the documents.

The detailed view of a document.

6. Upload missing/revised documents

You can upload missing and revised documents via "Drop file to upload or browse" until the application deadline. You can drag and drop or open the pop-up window for the upload. If the pop-up window does not open, you need to disable the pop-up blocker. Please upload your documents as one single PDF file. The maximum file size is 2 MB. See the FAQ on merging and shrinking documents for instructions on how to compress your files.

If you have already uploaded a file, it will be replaced by the new file.

A pop-up window opens when you click on "Drop file to upload or browse". You can upload and replace documents using this window.
Upload documents

7. Letter of admission

Once you have been accepted to your chosen study program, you can download your letter of admission in the "Admission" section.

You can download your letter of admission by clicking on the button "Notification".
The letter of admission can be found under "Admission".



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