DAAD WISE-Program (Working Internship in Science and Engineering)

The University of Stuttgart offers you the unique opportunity to do your mandatory internship in the faculty corresponding to your studies at your IIT.

Information for students of the Indian Institutes of Technology

Summer training / Internship at the University of Stuttgart

We are pleased that you are interested in completing your mandatory internship at the University of Stuttgart. In order to apply for such a program you will need to consider a few regulations and formalities. We will guide you through the most important steps.

Important advice: This is the only opportunity to do your mandatory internship at the University of Stuttgart. Seize it!

Before starting your internship at the University of Stuttgart, you need to ensure sufficient financing. We would like to recommend that you apply for a DAAD scholarship via the WISE program. Please check the DAAD website for more information.

Please note:
Living in Stuttgart is rather expensive. You can expect to spend a minimum of EUR 750 per month to cover your expenses (rent, food, health insurance, public transportation etc.). Usually the rent in Stuttgart and surroundings amounts up to EUR 350-500 per month. Our website practical information provides you with more detailed information on everyday matters in Germany.

In some residences with a bit of luck you can sublease a room from the original tenant who is either on vacation or out of town for an internship. This type of room rental will be operated by offices located in the residences, the so-called Wohnungsreferate. Please find additional information on the website of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart.

Unfortunately the International Office cannot help you find accommodation. However, we can provide you with helpful advice on accommodation for international students.

After taking care of finances and accommodation, the next step will be to find a placement. You can either

  • contact the coordinators of the DAAD-IIT-Master-Sandwich-Program at your IIT (usually these are the directors) and ask if they can assist you in finding an academic advisor who works at an institute of the University of Stuttgart in the academic field you are interested in. We recommend that you refer to institutes that have already established contact with your IIT.
  • Or (if the above does not prove successful) browse the websites of the University of Stuttgart and find out if there are institutes or researchers working in an academic field that corresponds to your areas of interest. You may contact them directly.

Once you have found a supervisor, you will probably need support with your visa documents. The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) regional office in New Delhi will offer assistance to you on their website or via e-mail.


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