Study orientation programs

Study orientation programs are mandatory for entering a bachelor's degree program. They are designed to help you with selecting the right degree program.

For enrollment all university applicants must produce evidence of having participated in a study orientation program, as specified in Section 60, Para. 2 Nr. 6 of the State Higher Education Act (LHG). The individual universities have discretion over which orientation programs they will accept.

The following applies when:

  • Changing degree programs: you only need to produce evidence of an orientation program if you are enrolling in at least one field of study in the first regular semester.
  • Enrolling in a teacher training program: instead of documenting the general orientation program, you will need to produce evidence of a specialized orientation test for teachers, the so-called CCT (Career Counselling for Teachers) [de].
  • Enrolling in a master's degree program: no proof of an orientation program is required.
  • The certificates have no expiration dates.

Orientation programs recognized by the University of Stuttgart

In accordance with Section 3, Para. 1, Nr. 8 of the University of Stuttgart's Application and Enrollment Regulation, the University recognizes the following study orientation programs as meeting enrollment requirements for all undergraduate programs leading to the bachelor's degree.

When enrolling in this program, instead of a general-purpose orientation program, you are required to produce evidence of having taken a specialized orientation test for teachers, the so-called CCT (Career Counselling for Teachers) [de]. The CCT-certificate also has to be produced when changing degree programs for the purpose of entering a teacher training program and when enrolling in a higher regular semester in the teacher training program.

Exception: Technical Education B.Sc. (Technikpädagogik B.Sc.). In this case please use one of the general orientation tests or trainings.

You can choose from the following orientation program options when enrolling in any degree programs other than those for teaching degrees (enrollment in the 1st regular semester; in double degree programs, to at least one study field for the 1st regular semester):

General orientation test

  • A self-administered test for study orientation on [de]. This test is also recognized by other universities in Baden-Wuerttemberg.
  • Studium-Interessentest (SIT) [de], the test for study orientation by the German Rector's Conference (HRK)
  • Check-U [de], the self assessment tool of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit

Orientation and decision training

  • BEST-Training [de] (Study and career orientation at Baden-Wuerttemberg high schools), also evidence of ZOS seminars (predecessor of the BEST seminars)
  • Study orientation workshop called "Wie finde ich den passenden Studiengang für mich?" [de] (How I make the right decision in choosing what to study) by the University of Stuttgart Student Counseling Center
  • Study orientation workshop (lasting from several hours to several days) held by central or general student counseling at other universities (be sure that the certificate states “orientation workshop”).
  • Orientation counseling (one-on-one or group counseling) by central or general student counseling at universities, graduate counseling, or counseling by the Academic Careers Team [de] of the Federal Employment Agency.
  • Orientation semester of the MINT-Kolleg Baden-Württemberg [de] (MINT-Orientierungssemester)

When changing study programs in the third or higher regular semester you are required to show that you received subject-specific information and advice from an academic advisor (per Section 60, Para. 2 Nr. 5 LHG).

This certification simultaneously serves as evidenct of an orientation program.

Orientation programs that are not recognized

Participation in the following study orientation programs and information offerings is not accepted by the University of Stuttgart:

  • BOGY (High School Career Orientation)
  • Study days and open houses
  • High school graduate job fairs
  • Informational events and presentations on study choices, applications, and admissions.


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