Recruiting and advertising

Creating awareness and attracting talent

Placing advertisements, advertising jobs, publishing company profiles, and presenting yourself at career fairs: Advertising opportunities on the campus and in the media of the University of Stuttgart to introduce yourself to potential junior employees.

You are looking for qualified and competent junior employees for your company? The University of Stuttgart not only turns students into outstanding experts in their particular field, it also molds them into globally-thinking and responsible citizens with an inclusive attitude for science, society, and business. Find out about the many options available - from job advertisements to participating in one of our career fairs to advertising in our magazines - to increase the visibility of your company, and present yourself directly at the university as an attractive employer for our graduates.

  • At Stellenwerk' [de], the official online job exchange of the University of Stuttgart, you can publish your job advertisements, internships, and company profiles.
  • At PraktikumsInfoBörse [de], you can advertise internships, theses, and job offers - especially if you are a small or medium-sized enterprise - aimed at students and graduates in science and engineering. Advertising at PraktikumsInfoBörse is free of charge. You can notify us directly of your offer using our online form.
  • Special internships for students of the humanities and social sciences can be advertised at Studium-Praktikum-Beruf [de], the internship exchange of the Student Counseling Center at the University of Stuttgart.
  • Of course, you are also welcome to contact the faculties and institutes at the University of Stuttgart directly or get in touch with the numerous student councils of our student representatives.

If you need assistance in finding new junior employees and interns, you are welcome to contact the Office of the Rectorate of the University of Stuttgart.

  • Each year in spring, the bonding [de] student initiative organizes the largest career fair on the campus of the University of Stuttgart. Using this platform, you can get in touch with our students across the disciplines and inform them about internships, job prospects, and job opportunities.
  • The SimTech Cluster of Excellence regularly organizes the SimTech career fair [de] together with the SimTech student council and the Society of Simulation Technology. At the SimTech career fair, industry representatives from the field of simulation technology can network with students and graduates.
  • The IT career fair takes place about twice a year. Here, companies from the field of information processing can get in touch with students, or exchange ideas with scientists on current research topics and explore potential collaborations.
  • The student council of the department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Stuttgart organizes the annual career fair StepIN [de]. In addition to exchanging ideas with the students personally, there is also the opportunity to give a short presentation.

You can also place your recruiting advertisement or company profile in ‘forschung leben’, the magazine of the University of Stuttgart. It is published twice a year as a high-quality print publication and as an online edition. You can find information in the media data [de].

There is an opportunity for promotional actions, such as the distribution of flyers, at two locations on the campus: in the university cafeteria in Stuttgart-Mitte and in the university cafeteria in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. The cafeterias are run by the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart, which offers you numerous options for targeted advertising. Further information and the right persons to contact can be found on the website of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart.

Note regarding event facilities

Demand within the university for rooms to use for academic or official as well as special events has been rising for year by year. The University of Stuttgart regrets therefore that it is unable to make rooms available for external events.

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