Saving on resources – thinking sustainably

Your future? Become a problem solver for the big questions of tomorrow!

Do you think that innovation and the environment can go together? Help develop solutions for the resource-related issues of the future. Study at the University of Stuttgart and combine inventiveness with sustainability!

Do you want to make industry sensitive towards climate protection, develop new things from sustainable and intelligent materials, strike the right eco-balance by looking at the entire lifecycle of a product, or shape technological change as social progress for a democratic society? Then studying sustainability and resource efficiency at the University of Stuttgart is the right choice for you! 

Your study destination

A trademark of the University of Stuttgart is the “Stuttgarter Weg (Stuttgart Way)”: the guiding principle of networked disciplines. This means we work across disciplines. This is also a major plus point in the varied field of resource efficiency and sustainability, where the focus is on asking new questions and developing answers together.

Our many acclaimed scientists in fields such as of environmental protection technology, technology assessment, bio-based materials, lightweight construction and energy efficiency, will support you in finding ideas for a livable future. With us you can think outside the box and acquire a range of basic knowledge – an excellent foundation for your professional future.

Your future

Sustainability is a key issue for the future all over the world, not just in the Stuttgart region. A relevant degree gives you good job opportunities in a range of industries, whether sustainable mobility in the automotive hotspot of Baden-Württemberg, architecture based on lightweight construction, sustainable raw materials or energy-efficient technologies in industry. 

Become an expert in resource efficiency and sustainable thinking and solve the problems of tomorrow!

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