From an idea to starting your own company

Startup consultancy at the University of Stuttgart

Whether you want to market an invention, develop an idea for a start-up, or you are interested in starting a company, our team of experienced coaches from different expert backgrounds can support you in all areas relating to start-ups. From idea development, to a specific conception and business plan, and even funding programs and financing.

At the following places, the University of Stuttgart gives advice on the topic of starting a business:

Initial consultation

The startup consultants at the University of Stuttgart offer support throughout the stat-up process, for startups with a technical background from scientific institutes, as well as students and graduates with a startup idea.

The consultancy service includes initial advice, the development of a business model, funding applications, training courses and networking options. Together with the Division of Research and Transfer, we also offer advice in relation to the use of patents and licenses.

TTI is the central point of contact for anyone interested in starting a business.
TTI is the central point of contact for anyone interested in starting a business.

Support during and after the startup phase – the TTI GmbH

TTI offers advice and information on all topics relating to the planned startup:

  • Planning and preparation of the startup
  • well-founded, motivating support when writing a business plan
  • Assistance in finding network partners as well as mentors and resources at the University of Stuttgart
  • Renting out space for startups in the Technology Center
  • Help with acquiring funds

Under the umbrella of TTI GmbH, students and academic staff can also establish transfer companies and launch startup projects. In the process, TTI takes on the legal, finance, and personnel management as well as the administrative contract review.

"Starting-up without an actual start-up"

The Transfer and Founding Company (TGU) offers all university members the opportunity to explore taking the first steps towards founding their own company.

As part of TTI GmbH, the TGU [de] is a unique feature that gives anyone wishing to found a company the opportunity to gain experience immediately. The TTI GmbH offers not only protection from risk, it also simultaneously functions as a marketing instrument.

Anyone wishing to develop their own start-up – preferably a member of the University of Stuttgart – has the opportunity to gain experience of being self-employed by getting involved in a Transfer and Founding Company (TGU) and working as a project manager within TTI GmbH. The TTI GmbH functions as a service provider [de], offering not only expert advice, but also financial and personnel management, and much more besides.

Co-Working Places

TTI GmbH provides free co-working spaces in an inspiring environment. Here, start-up teams can work on their idea and determine whether it is "start-up-ready".

The rooms are located in close proximity to the start-up coaches of TTI GmbH and the University of Stuttgart's Transfer Center, as well as the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science (ENI) and numerous established start-ups. This makes it easier to forge contacts in the start-up scene and ensures that someone is always available.

  • Free workstations for three months (with option to extend)
  • Free use of internet, printers, and photocopiers
  • Advice on start-up-related issues from start-up coaches
  • Access to a network of like-minded people and experts
  • Possibly access to further funding opportunities

If you are interested, simply send an email with your start-up idea and information about the people involved, with a maximum length of one DIN A4 page to Peter Heinke, the managing director of TTI GmbH.


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