A researcher in the SFB 716 Collaborative Research Center examining a sample under the microscope.

Current research projects

What research are we undertaking at the University of Stuttgart? Here we provide an insight into some of our most important projects.

With 218 million euros total outside funding in 2018, 63 million euros provided by the Federal Government, 51 million euros funding by the German Research Foundation, and 17 million euros provided by the European Union, the University of Stuttgart, aided by its special institutional profile and cooperative research projects is a research powerhouse among German universities.

Backing this up are a multitude of research projects – ranging from large scale projects under the Excellence Initiatives through million-euro, in part transregional Collaborative Research Centers to projects funded by the European Union. Added to this are other broadly diversified research activities with various stakeholders. Finally, we also cooperate closely with industry: in 2018, projects worth 58 million euro stemmed from this funding category.

Here we provide insights into what topics the individual projects are tackling, who the actors involved in them are, and how these projects are poised to contribute solutions to the big problems facing our society.




Division 1 - Research and Transfer

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