Presentations in and outside the University

What is happening today at the University of Stuttgart? Which future lecture series should you make a note of? Here is a compact overview.

The Hohenheim-Stuttgart Kids University

Children between the ages of 8 and 12 with a curious streak when it comes to exciting knowledge questions are welcomed at the University of Stuttgart’s Kids University. Here, every semester professors tell the children in a way they can understand about what they are studying. For this lecture, the University of Stuttgart reserves an auditorium strictly for the children. Accompanying adults can watch the lecture live on video in an adjoining auditorium. Registration is exclusively online. Lectures at the University of Stuttgart are streamed live on the Internet and then posted on YouTube.

Playlist of previous Kids University lectures

Source: YouTube

Event series by the International Center for Culture and Technology Studies (IZKT)

The IZKT Center carries on research where culture and technology intersect. With the help of partners outside the University, the Center provides a forum for interdisciplinary and international exchange and at the same time serves as the University’s window to the public. IZKT organizes numerous course series and lecture series that also focus on various countries.

Lecture series "Technology leaders in the automobile industry introduce themselves“ by the Research Institute for Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Engines (FKFS)

In this series, top managers from the car industry give regular lectures on current topics from research, development, manufacturing, marketing and sales – and answer questions from students and interested audience members. These events are sponsored by the University of Stuttgart, Bosch, and the FKFS.

Playlist of previous presentations

Source: YouTube

Physik die Wissen schafft

Well-known scientists present physical phenomena and their applications and demonstrate them with experiments in this lecture series. The lecture program‘s target audiences are high school seniors but anyone interested in and curious about physics can attend.

"Starting a business" lecture series

Science and business experts provide comprehensive insights on topics dealing with how to business startups. They cover and discuss the key aspects of subjects of interest to budding entrepreneurs. The lectures are designed for anyone from inside or outside the university who is interested in starting a business.

Questions for science

This course series represents a collaborative effort with the Stuttgart Community College, the Stuttgarter Zeitung newspaper, the State Museum of Natural History, and Stuttgart Media University. Research results are presented and discussed in layman’s terms. The object here is to foster enjoyment of scientific thinking and research as much as promoting dialogues between scientists and the general public.

Saturday Uni

The “Saturday Uni” aims to bring science to the masses. It does so by aiming the lecture series both at an academically educated public but also people who previously had less contact with a university or academic education. The series is presented in cooperation with Stuttgart Community College, the City of Stuttgart and other Stuttgart-based institutions of higher education.

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