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Podcast host Wolfgang Holtkamp talks to international guests about how science shaped them and how they became the personalities they are.

Dr. Wolfgang Holtkamp, Senior Advisor International Affairs, meets scientists, alumnae and alumni, employees and students from the University of Stuttgart. The conversations are not only about the interviewee’s current work, they also focus on their personality, what inspired them, and their career.

One thing that all of the guests have in common is that they have studied or worked at the University of Stuttgart, or are still doing so, i.e. they are "Made in Science". How did they become who they are? Looking back, what would they do differently? Which Swabian specialty do they prefer, Spätzle or Maultaschen? Holtkamp asks these and other exciting questions.

All podcast conversations are in English.

Latest episode: "Take the opportunities you get"

Duration: 27:32 | Source: YouTube

In the 17th episode of our podcast "Made in Science", Prof. Alexander Brem is our guest. He is Professor for Entrepreneurship in Technology and Digitalisation and Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science at the University of Stuttgart. We talk about what qualities a successful founder needs, how he himself went from founder to scientist and what major challenges companies will face in the future.

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Duration: 24:40 | Source: YouTube

"Sometimes it is a good idea to go for crazy ideas“

In this episode, we welcome Simon Batzner. His way into academia included some twists and turns, but a few years ago he ended up at the University of Stuttgart to pursue his Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace engineering. After that he acquire his Master’s Degree in Computational Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and started to pursue his PhD in Applied Mathematics at Harvard University in 2019. In his doctoral research, he focuses on deep learning. We are happy to welcome him in our podcast to talk about how he found his way into science, the differences between German and US-American universities and his exciting PhD research.

Duration: 17:41 | Source: YouTube

"I imagine Stuttgart with a beach on the Neckar River"

For Tasneem Barakat, it's all about water. Our podcast guest grew up in Syria and is a graduate of the English-speaking master’s program WASTE. She currently works at the civil engineering office of the city of Stuttgart, where she deals with the topic of water bodies and fountains. In this episode, she talks about how she developed enthusiasm for engineering, the challenges of her job and what she would do even better about Stuttgart's water situation if she could.

Duration: 33:22 | Source: YouTube

"How we take care of water is key"

In this episode we talk to Dr. Brighton Austin Chunga from Stellenbosch University in South Africa and Mzuzu University in Malawi. He is an Alumnus of the the international English speaking Master’s program WAREM at the University of Stuttgart and now tries to help improve Water Management in Africa. We talk to him about the sustainability of support by NGOs, the role of governments in water policy and his personal life.

Duration: 42:20 | Source: YouTube

„Making a difference locally is always important”

In this episode we welcome Dr. Rama K. Aluru. He is a graduate of our English speaking master's programme PHYSICS and now founder of two different companies. Wolfgang Holtkamp talks to him about how he helps people pursue their careers according to personal passion, why he studied in Stuttgart and not in the US, and how he wants to close the innovation gap in India.

Duration: 37:04 | Source: YouTube

"How can architecture become more sustainable for real?"

Our guest is Jun.-Prof. Hanaa Dahy. The Egyptian wants to incorporate intelligent materials into architecture. She followed the usual career path of an architect until an event in her home country opened her eyes, from which point on Hanaa Dahy has been interested in sustainable building and has developed a straw composite material which has received several awards. As junior professor and head of the Department of Biomaterials and Material Cycles in Architecture at the University of Stuttgart, she provides students of architecture with the wherewithal to develop sustainable and intelligent building components.

Duration: 28:14 | Source: YouTube

"It’s exciting to see students from the humanities and sciences working together"

As guest of the 11th episode Wolfgang Holtkamp welcomes Dr. Jessica Bundschuh. She has a Ph.D. in Creative Writing and English Literature from the University of Houston and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Maryland. Before joining the English Literatures & Cultures faculty at the University of Stuttgart, she taught at a number of universities in the US. We talk to her about her work as a poet, her passion for teaching and her interdisciplinary work. She also recites a poem and tells us what she particularly loves about Stuttgart.

Duration: 17:58 | Source: YouTube

"I was keen to bring the knowledge into praxis"

In this episode, we welcome our alumnus Dr. Tarek Zaki. He recently joined BMW as project manager and partner lead and develops future entertainment systems in vehicles. We talk to him about his passion for creating "lovable products", his way of working and his way into and out of academia.

Duration: 22:13 | Source: YouTube

“Other cultures are enriching us”

In this episode, Dr. Emna Eitel is our podcast guest. She is Course Director of the Master's program INFOTECH and International Study Manager. We talk to her about her journey to and within the University of Stuttgart, her ideas on equality, the importance of study abroad experiences and much more.

Duration: 18:18 | Source: YouTube

“If you have a garden let the weeds grow”

In this episode Wolfgang Holtkamp welcomes PhD student Linda Meier. She is researching at the University of Stuttgart at the Institute for Acoustics and Building Physics on the topic of Habitat Systems for insects integrated into façades. They talk about species protection and wild bees in particular, as well as what measures can be taken when constructing buildings to support bees.

Duration: 28:06 | Source: YouTube

“Science has to learn to adopt its way of communication”

In this episode, podcast host Wolfgang Holtkamp talks with Prof. Thomas Graf. The Swiss is since 2004 director of the Institute of Laser Technologies at the University of Stuttgart. Graf is engaged in high-power laser systems, laser beam shaping and laser applications in manufacturing. He talks with Holtkamp about the role of lasers in our everyday lives, why it's the universal tool of the future, the role of science communication, and more...

Duration: 35:25 | Source: YouTube

"Female engineers should talk about their achievements"

In this episode we talk to Nina Hepperle from GE Power in Switzerland. She graduated from the University of Stuttgart with a degree in aerospace engineering. Now she leads a multinational team of gas turbine and combined cycle power plant engineers. She is passionate about advocating for women&engineering and talks about what it takes to get ahead in this field.

Duration: 21:21 | Source: YouTube

"It is important to awaken enthusiasm for science in young people"

In this episode, we welcome Dr Tian Qiu, who is researching the high-tech medicine of the future at the University of Stuttgart. He has held a postdoctoral position at the Max Planck Institute since 2016 and has been head of the Cyber Valley Research Group since 2019. Cyber Valley is the largest AI research consortium in Europe. Host Dr Wolfgang Holtkamp talks to Tian Qiu about his exciting field of research, the future of robots and his first impression of Stuttgart.

Duration: 34:14 | Source: YouTube

"The goal is to make use of diversity"

With his guest Prof. Meike Tilebein, host Dr. Wolfgang Holtkamp talks about cognitive diversity and innovation, cybernetics and personal life. Born in Osnabrück, Prof. Meike Tilebein studied technical cybernetics at the University of Stuttgart. Today, she is director of the Institute of Diversity Studies in Engineering at the University of Stuttgart and also head of the Center for Management Research at the German Institutes for Textile and Fiber Research Denkendorf.

Duration: 38:29 | Source: YouTube

"Do you know the difference between a traveller and a tourist?"

The guest in this episode is Dr. Andreas Kannt, alumnus of the University of Stuttgart and Global Head of Procurement at Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Host Wolfgang Holtkamp talks with Kannt about change, global challenges and the importance of international networks and start-up culture in Germany and abroad.

Duration: 27:20 | Source: YouTube

"I had a chance to look at architecture in very deep way"

Wolfgang Holtkamp talks to Hee-Jun Sim, Principal Architect at ArchiWorkshop, Seoul and alumnus of the University of Stuttgart. Among other things, they talk about architectural trends in Korea, Hee-Jun's life as an architect and the Seoul Biennale Of Architecture And Urbanism 2021.

Duration: 25:20 | Source: YouTube

"You are never too young to do something"

Wolfgang Holtkamp talks to Dr. Kristy Peña Muñoz, Mexican engineer and alumna of the University of Stuttgart. She talks about what hotel owners in Mexico are doing to prevent tourist hotspots from drowning in garbage. The waste expert's motto: protect the environment and promote sustainability.




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