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Work Technology 4.0

Issue - November 2017

The future of human work has been selected as the topic of the Scientific Year 2018. Summarized under the term “4.0”, this topic casts light on the breath-taking changes which digitalization is bringing about in our production, our work, and our daily world. New technologies and fascinating new manufacturing processes promise enormous growth in efficiency. But they also raise questions: How can the interaction of man with modern technology succeed? How should work flows be designed to ensure company profit and employee enthusiasm? And what challenges does this pose for the educational system?

In the Picture: ARENA2036

 (c) Universität Stuttgart/Max Kovalenko

Welcome to the ARENA2036! Step into Germany's biggest "research factory" and glimpse behind its scenes.

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Andrea Mayer-Grenu

Scientific Consultant, Research Publications

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Hans-Herwig Geyer

Head of University Communications and Press Speaker