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Interesting topics, fascinating photographs, renowned guest authors: The magazine forschung leben includes questions and problems from society and offers its readers information about possible solutions based on the vast range of research done at the University of Stuttgart.
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Producing the Future

Edition September 2021

Advanced Manufacturing

A while ago, a trade magazine for additive manufacturing published an article under the title “Advanced manufacturing is dead – long live advanced manufacturing.” That may sound slightly exaggerated, but we are currently experiencing a fundamental transformation in modern production engineering, one of the scientific fields in which the University of Stuttgart is deeply involved – a paradigm shift in fact: keywords and terms such as real sustainability rather than “greenwashing,” digitalization and Industry 4.0 – maybe even 5.0 or 6.0 by now – software-defined manufacturing, mass personalization, as well as biotechnology and biointelligence represent a development that not only affects all areas of production and value creation chains, but also has a profound impact in the working environment and, indeed, in the whole of society.

In this issue of “forschung leben”, which focuses on “Producing the Future”, you’ll read about the many ways in which the University’s researchers are driving this transformation by such means as an interdisciplinary understanding of advanced manufacturing at the Stuttgart Center for Production Technology, the new Center of Excellence for Mass Personalization, the “Mobility of the Future” innovation campus and the Biointelligence Competence Center. And don’t miss the pithy guest article by Dr. Eberhard Veit, an expert in innovation who is also calling for radical change in corporate leadership.


This image shows Andrea Mayer-Grenu

Andrea Mayer-Grenu

Scientific Consultant, Research Publications

This image shows Hans-Herwig  Geyer

Hans-Herwig Geyer

Head of University Communi­ca­tions and Press Spokesperson

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