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Interesting topics, fascinating photographs, renowned guest authors: The magazine FORSCHUNG LEBEN includes questions and problems from society and offers its readers information about possible solutions based on the vast range of research done at the University of Stuttgart.
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Artificial Intelligence

Issue 12/2019

Whether it's a satnav system in the car or Siri on the cell phone: artificial intelligence has long since found its way into people's everyday lives and is regarded as the fuel for Germany and Europe's ability to compete.

Artificial Intelligence plays a central role at the University of Stuttgart in the implementation of its vision of “Intelligent Systems for a Sustainable Society” and is involved in the interdisciplinary collaboration between multiple disciplines. We would like to give you some insights into these activities in the current issue of FORSCHUNG LEBEN.

Jun.Prof. Michael Sedlmair (c) University of Stuttgart/U. Regenscheit
Tobias Müller (left) and Helmut Zaiser, IAT (c) University of Stuttgart/U. Regenscheit
Breaking the routine: Tobias Müller (left) and Helmut Zaiser from the IAT are working on using AI to create more freedom for clerical staff to perform non-routine tasks.
 (c) University of Stuttgart/U. Regenscheit
The team headed up by Rocco Eisseler (left), Group Leader in Machining Technology at the Institute for Machine Tools (IFW) is investigating how machining manufacturing systems can optimize themselves.
Prof. Meike Tilebein und Thomas Fischer (c) University of Stuttgart/M. Kovalenko
There are as many different body shapes as there are people. The scientists Prof. Meike Tilebein and Thomas Fischer are working on classifying them in such a way that manufacturers can produce clothing that fits.

In the picture: Cutting-edge AI Research and Entrepreneurship

Jun.-Prof. Michael Sedlmair (c) University of Stuttgart/M. Kovalenko

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