Early career researchers

As a junior researcher during or after your doctoral degree studies, at the University of Stuttgart you will find excellent conditions for your research and extensive programs to prepare for your next career step.

As a PhD student, as a postdoc with a habilitation project or as the head of a junior research group, as a junior professor and as a tenure track professor, you are making an important contribution to the further development of science and to meeting current and future challenges in business and society. Depending on your career stage, with your teaching you are contributing to the best possible qualification of the actors of tomorrow.

Whether you are already with us and want to step up to your next career level, or whether you want to join us for your further career path – the University of Stuttgart offers excellent conditions in many respects. And we are constantly working to increase the predictability of academic careers, to support the reconciliation of work and family life, and to promote diversity.

Qualification, counselling, mentoring

In addition, we support you with information and advice on career orientation, with various services in the area of qualification, and with mentoring programs. Our goal is for you to become responsible personalities who think globally and inclusively, with the best possible preparation for high-level positions in science, industry and society.

The Graduate Academy of the University of Stuttgart is the central institution for the promotion of early career researchers at the University of Stuttgart. Graduate Academy of the University of Stuttgart offers you a wide range of services that will prepare you for various career paths in science, industry and society and are tailored to your respective career stage.

We will support you through the various challenges on route to gaining a Junior or Tenure Track Professorship with our certificate program “On Track to University Professorship”. This program will introduce you to the topics of research funding, leadership skills and didactics, targeted to help you prepare for your future academic career with additional qualification and consultation courses.

Mixing a university career and family life

The University of Stuttgart sees itself as a family-friendly university, and continuously strives towards implementing this ethos in its structures, processes and instruments. The ability to combine work, university studies and family is ensured thanks to various support services which encourage a family-friendly working and scientific culture. Different services are explicitly aimed at providing the necessary space for scientific research and developing your career, for example when you are starting a family.

Promoting early career researchers is very important to us. Qualification at the University of Stuttgart will offer you the very best conditions for a successful start to your professional life.

Prof. Dr. Monilola Olayioye, Vice Rector for Early Career Researchers and Diversity


This picture showsMonilola Olayioye
Prof. Dr.

Monilola Olayioye

Vice Rector for Early Career Researchers and Diversity

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