Reinventing construction

Your future? Become a problem solver for the big questions of tomorrow!

Do you want to help shape our world? Combine creativity, technology and sustainable thinking into one study program? Then study at the University of Stuttgart and help redefine construction.
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You want to design houses that people enjoy living in? Plan cities which consciously fit in with their surroundings? Or do you like playing about with mathematics and mechanics until you have figured out the result? Then studying construction at the University of Stuttgart is the right choice for you!

Your study destination

The demand for buildings and infrastructure worldwide will continue to grow over the next few years, while the construction sector already makes up 40 percent of global resource and energy consumption. A special research project at the University of Stuttgart is working on solutions. The “Integrative Computational Design and Construction for Architecture” Cluster of Excellence concentrates on using the full potential of digital technologies to rethink approaches regarding planning and construction. We find technical solutions for environmental problems. 

Our top researchers are experts in design and construction, urban development or planning. They share their expertise with you in how to construct residential buildings, industrial buildings, water and wastewater systems, transport networks or tunnels and bridges. They will give you the education you need for your entire future career.

Your future

An increasing number of jobs are being created in the construction sector, both in the Stuttgart region as well as internationally. Innovative ideas will be in demand more than ever in the future. A degree in construction will give you excellent job opportunities. A variety of routes exist for construction graduates to start out in their careers, such as for example in construction companies, engineering offices, authorities or transport companies.

Study construction and solve the problems of tomorrow!

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