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Applying while performing volunteer service

Federal voluntary service, military service, volunteer social (gap) year, etc.

Even if you are doing military service or have opted for a year of voluntary social service, you can still apply to study at the University of Stuttgart.
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If you have already started or are about to start your voluntary service, it is recommended that you apply as soon as possible. Should you then be admitted, you will get preferential admission during the next two admission periods ahead of all other applicants (also known as pre-admission). However, if in the interim an admissions test is instituted or modified, you must take it as part of the process.

General info

Based on Section 30 of the Higher Education Admission Statute (HZVO), service is defined to include:

  • A maximum three-year service in the German army, the former German Border Police or the Federal Police
  • Volunteer military service in accordance with the Compulsory Military Service Act
  • Federal voluntary service as provided for in the Federal Voluntary Service Act
  • Volunteer social, environmental, or cultural (gap) year (even if performed for less than one year)
  • A one-year European voluntary service or other service (provided it is recognized by the Federal Office of Administration).
  • A minimum two-year service as development aid worker per the Development Aid Worker Act
  • Caring for a child or other relative (one or two removes) for up to three years (proof in the form of a birth certificate or doctor’s certification required with a true, documented explanation of why no other caregivers were available).

The following do not qualify as service:

  • Internships
  • Au-Pair
  • Work and Travel
  • Temporary work abroad

Pre-admission applies to EU citizens and foreigners holding German degrees if the service performed in their respective home countries is comparable with the military or civilian voluntary service of the Federal Republic of Germany.    

In addition, the time spent in service counts as waiting time.

How to apply

  • You must apply by July 15 using the Campus Management System C@MPUS and – depending on the study program – via the Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure (DoSV) [de] to receive approval for study programs with admission restrictions. This letter of admission should be kept somewhere safe – it is best if you save it on your computer and print a copy.
  • For the next or even next-but-one application period (at the University of Stuttgart, it is only possible to apply for the 1st semester of Bachelor’s study programs during the summer semester to begin in the winter semester) the application deadline is also July 15, via the Campus Management System C@MPUS and – depending on the study program – via the Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure (DoSV). When using C@MPUS, please use your existing applicant’s account.
  • In the Campus Management System C@MPUS, you will automatically be asked for your letter of admission from the previous year. You must upload this and the confirmation from the relevant department.


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