The goal of workplace health management is integrating health promotion sustainably into everyday working life at the University of Stuttgart.

Health in the workplace

The health management's goals at the University of Stuttgart are as simple as they are ambitious. We want to reduce any adverse health effects and increase the protective healthcare resources available.

Successful health management is based on core values. Active participation, mutual respect, respectful communication and openness to new ideas are what shape our understanding of the work we do, and so form the basis for creating a healthy and trusting corporate culture.

Individual actions can be helpful parts of the puzzle in creating a healthy university. However, if health is to become a long-term issue, the health-related consequences must be taken into consideration in every decision made. Internal and external networking and transparent health reporting [de] are important building blocks for us, which contribute towards our joint success.

Key focus areas of Health Management

A number of events will take place relating to exercise [de] and nutrition [de]. The power break for fascia training was specially designed for employees, and regular, alternating courses are offered by the university sports and the internal education and training program [de].

We want to use the operational integration management [de] program to support employees in their rehabilitation after frequent or longer illnesses. The aim is to maintain, improve and restore employees’ capacity for work, as well as to use preventative measures to stop problems which may prevent employees from being able to work from reoccurring.

Addiction in working life doesn’t just affect employees who are chronic addicts or at particular risk of becoming addicted. Their supervisors and colleagues also need support and advice on how to deal with addiction. Help in dealing with and preventing addiction [de] is an established component of health promotion at the University of Stuttgart.

Conflict management can be required and can make sense when difficult situations and conflicts can no longer be resolved between the employees themselves. Through working together with a pool of different external experts, we provide the appropriate consultation or mediation to employees and managers at the University of Stuttgart. The staff, management and team consultation service [de] at the University of Stuttgart offers confidential support for various different concerns.

Alongside preventative offers related to stress management and mental health, such as attention training or educational programs, there is also the option of seeking advice from the Health Management team regarding a mental health risk assessment or suicide prevention.

Every year in autumn, the University of Stuttgart offers its employees a free flu vaccination. The vaccination can be taken during working hours.

Achtsamkeit, Ergonomie und eine gesunde Ernährung.
Maintaining and encouraging good health is part of promoting a good and lively working environment at the University of Stuttgart.

Excellent health management

Following previous successes in 2015, 2018 and 2020 the University of Stuttgart was awarded the Corporate Health Award again in 2023. The Corporate Health Award is a prestigious award for excellent corporate health management and supports companies and organizations in their commitment to the health and performance of their employees. In 2022, the University of Stuttgart was awarded excellence status for corporate health management as part of the Corporate Health Award. 

The University of Stuttgart has established a remarkable workplace health management system, which has been based on specific goals since 2011. Employees benefit from a comprehensive healthcare service which is tailored exactly to their requirements, and which sustainably boosts their performance and motivation.

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Corporate Health Management

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Corporate Health Management

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