For refugees

Advantages for Refugees as Guest Students

The Studium Generale offers for refugees an access to the university as guest students. The status of a guest student enables them to take part in regular lectures and seminars (if a lecturer of a seminar gives the admission) of their interest offered by the University of Stuttgart. No specific previous knowledge or any academic requiremets  are needed to attend any of these lectures.

Registration as a guest student is possible at all times. Guest students may choose courses adding up to 10 weekly lecture hours (which equals 5 two-hour courses) and attend them for a full semester.

Besides that the Studium Generale issues every semester a Programme Brochure (in German Language) with courses and lectures appropriate for a larger audience. On the one hand, the courses in this brochure belong to the regular curricula offered by the ten faculties of the University of Stuttgart, especially including introductory lectures, seminars and tutorials, and language courses offered by the language center (if there are any open spots). On the other hand, the Studium Generale also conceptualizes, organizes, and conducts their own lecture series, seminars, and workshops. No specific previous knowledge also is needed to attend any of these courses, except of German, because the courses are held in German.

You can find the up-to-date Programm (in German) here:

Becoming a guest student makes refugees acquainted with the German academic landscape and enables them to acquire basic knowledge in different academic and scientific fields. It helps them to prepare for regular studies at the University of Stuttgart and to find the right subject of study for you.

Please note that guest students cannot collect credit points and are not admitted to take exams (with some exceptions) or to receive a doctorate. A registration as a guest student does not include student passes for public transport or reduced meal prices.

(Information Event for Refugees on November 9th 2015))

How to become a Guest Student

No academic requirements are needed in order to become a guest student. Refugees are eligible for reduced tuition fees  of 40 Euros (regular tuition fees: 150 Euros.) In order to become a guest student, refugees have to pass three formalities:

1. to fill in and to sign an application form. The application form may be downloaded here:

    The filled in and signed application have to be sent to:

Universität Stuttgart
Zentrum für Lehre und Weiterbildung 
Studium Generale
Azenbergstraße 16
70174 Stuttgart

2. to transmit a reduced fee to Universitätskasse Stuttgart:

Addressee: Universitätskasse Stuttgart
Purpose of Use: Gasthörergebühr für Herrn/Frau Vorname Nachname, Beitrag
  Sommersemester 2016
Name of the Bank: Baden-Württembergischen Bank
Konto-Nr.: 7 871 521 687
BLZ: 600 501 01
IBAN-Nr.: DE51 6005 0101 7871 5216 87


3. to provide a copy of one of the following documents that proves your refugee status:

a) A copy of the confirmation that you are registered as an asylum seeker (Bescheinigung über die Meldung als Asylsuchender (BÜMA))

b) A copy of your certificate of residence title for specific purposes (Aufenthaltsgestattung) according to § 55 AsylVfG i.V.m. § 63 AsylVfG

c) A copy of your certificate of residence title due to international legal reasons, humanitarian or political reasons (Aufenthaltstitels aus völkerrechtlichen, humanitären oder politischen Gründen according to § 22 bis 26 des AufenthaltG)

d) A copy of the provisional passport for refugees, based on Article 28 of the Geneva Convention on Refugees

e) A copy of the certificate on the temporary suspension of deportation (vorübergehenden Aussetzung der Abschiebung (Duldung)) according to § 60a

For further information regarding the course of studies as a guest student please contact Daiva Sell:

Universität Stuttgart
Zentrum für Lehre und Weiterbildung 
Studium Generale
Azenbergstraße 16
70174 Stuttgart


Phone: 0711-685-82036

Office Hours: 9:30-11:30 pm Mondays and Wednesdays