Scholarships and foundations

This page offers a brief overview of where to apply for a scholarship or find a foundation that will finance your studies.

Scholarships and foundations offer a good possibility for at least partial financing of your studies. To obtain funding, you do not always need a transcript with top grades. There are scholarships and foundations that will also support you for your competencies, such as in journalism, or in another area, such as having extensive international experience.

The adjacent box contains some links that will help you with general information about regional and national scholarships and foundations. The following is a detailed of potential sources of support and currently designated contacts for each.

The Germany Scholarship is awarded for academic performance. Besides marks above average, the proof of at least one additional criterion is required.The scholarship amounts to 300 € per month, half of which is financed by a sponsor and the other half by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Germany Scholarship

Political foundations

Religious foundations

Trade union foundations

Entrepreneurially oriented foundations

Politically and religious independent foundations

  • Femtec.Network  
    Femtec.Network is a cooperation between leading technical universities and various firms with the Femtec.University Career Center for Women.
  • Festo [de]
    Scholarships for female students of mechatronics and electrical engineering.
  • Hildegardis Society [de]
    The Society supports Christian women with interest-free loans regardless of their specialization and career goals - with special focus on advanced educational stages.
  • MTU Studien-Stiftung 
    For female STEM students

Political foundations

Religious foundations


    Mentoring, workshops and support for talented young people with immigrant background.
  • Scholarships welcome and hochform [de] (Deutsche Universitätsstiftung)
    Mentoring for bachelor's and master's students

Scholarships for the employed even without abitur

  • SBB 'Aufstiegsstipendium' [de]
    The financial aid program sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research through SBB assists talented individuals with work experience to obtaining their first university degree with so-called 'advancement scholarships'.

Scholarships for students studying engineering science

  • VDI Elevate [de]
    Financial aid program by the Society of German Engineers for engineering students

Scholarships for students studying aerospace engineering

Scholarships for students studying chemistry

Scholarships for student journalists in training

Scholarship advice for Bachelor and Master students


Germany Scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium)

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