Cyber Valley

Cyber Valley is Europe’s biggest research collaboration into artificial intelligence. Alongside the University of Stuttgart, the University of Tübingen, the Max-Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, the state of Baden-Württemberg, the Fraunhofer Society as well as seven industrial companies are involved. Cyber Valley also receives support from four foundations.
[Photo: MPI-ISW. Scheible]

The aim of Cyber Valley is to carry out research into AI methods in Europe. As a consequence, Cyber Valley carries out fundamental research and promotes the next generation of scientists. The partnership strengthens research, teaching and entrepreneurship in the fields of machine learning, computer vision and robotics, as well as the connections between these scientific disciplines.

Cyber Valley at the University of Stuttgart

Prof. Alexander Brem

Prof. Alexander Brem

Endowed Chair Entrepreneurship in Technology and Digitization
Research carried out by Prof. Brem

Prof. Steffen Staab

Prof. Steffen Staab

Cyber Valley professorship in Analytic Computing
Research carried out by Prof. Staab

Jun.-Prof. Michael Sedlmair

Prof. Michael Sedlmair

Cyber Valley professorship in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality at the University of Stuttgart Visualization Research Center (VISUS)
Research carried out by Prof Sedlmair [de]

Dr. Tian Qiu

Dr. Tian Qiu

Cyber Valley “Biomedical Microsystems” research group leader at the Institute of Physical Chemistry (IPC).
Research carried out by Dr. Qiu

Ten new research groups and three university chairs have already been set up under the Cyber Valley program, and seven more have been put out to tender. The Cyber Valley is also home to the International Max Planck Research School for Intelligent Systems (IMPRS-IS), a postgraduate school for doctoral candidates. Cyber Valley provides an ideal environment for start-ups, breaking down the barriers between industrial research and basic research driven by pure curiosity.



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