The Delta Exam

Did you earn a certificate of aptitude for a specialized short-course higher education but want to study at the University of Stuttgart? Or perhaps you qualified for a subject-specific higher education but want to specialize in a different field? The Delta Exam can help you bridge the gap between qualification awarded and your desired academic path.

The Delta Exam is a placement test. Passing it allows students with certificates of aptitude for either a short-course or subject-specific higher education to take up wished-for studies in a subject area or at an institution of higher learning that these qualification types exclude.

The Delta Exam is centrally administered at the University of Mannheim once a year in May (application window: March). You can see exactly what the Delta Exam looks like and how to register for it on the University of Mannheim website [de]. There you will also find detailed information on deadlines, sample questions, fees and FAQs.  .


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