Statement on accessibility

The University of Stuttgart does everything it can to make the “” website and all the online services accessible. This statement on accessibility applies to all websites and all online services.

Accessible means that a website can also be read and operated by people with various different handicaps. This applies both to the technology (browser, operating system) and the content (comprehensibility, readability, user-friendliness).

Our website is created according to the national legislation on implementing the Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the accessibility of websites and according to the German Equal Opportunities for Disabled Persons Act (German Accessible Information Technology Ordinance – BITV).

Level of conformity with the requirements

Partial conformity: Some parts of the content do not meet the standard for accessibility in full.

Methodology of the assessment BITV self-evaluation
Creation date 9/3/2019

Assessment as per BITV/WCAG     

Does not meet the standard. 55 of 60 test stages are fulfilled or partiallyfulfilled. The following are only partially fulfilled:

  • 1.2.1a Alternatives to audio files and silent videos
  • 1.2.2a Alternatives to audio files and silent videos
  • 1.2.3a Alternatives to audio files and silent videos
  • 1.2.4a Videos (live) with subtitles
  • 1.2.5a Audio description for videos
Last review 9/3/2019

Accessible content

All university websites (responsive web design templates) in the content management system OpenCms are accessible.

Our website takes into account:

  • Strict separation between content and design
  • Not using graphic navigation elements and graphic headings
  • Alternative texts for graphics and objects
  • The use of relative font sizes across the website, so that all texts can be scaled
  • In tables: marking titles and headers
  • In forms: marking labels

Inaccessible content

  • Websites in the old static template in OpenCms and other OpenCms-external websites.
  • It has not yet been possible to convert documents created before 9/23/2018 to an accessible format.
  • Subtitles or transcripts are only partially available for the videos involved

Due to the disproportionate burden (according to Article 5 of Directive (EU) 2016/2102), the documents above have not yet been converted. We endeavor to improve this situation as soon as possible.

Feedback and contact details

If you still encounter barriers on our websites, please send an e-mail to the barrier-free campus working group [de] with a description of where you have found each barrier.

The working group’s primary objective is documenting and removing barriers at the University of Stuttgart. It will forward your concern to the University’s online editorial staff. The employees are responsible for processing the reports which come in as part of the feedback mechanism.


All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Privacy statement

Allgemeine Informationen zum Datenschutz finden Sie in der Datenschutzerklärung unterhalb des Formulars.

Controller and data protection officer

Information concerning the controller and data protection officer can be found in the data protection declaration of the University.

Description and categories of data

An email to the mail room of the University of Stuttgart will be generated from the information you provide in the contact form. In addition to your entries in the form fields, the date and time will be recorded in the generated email.


The contact form enables a simplified means of getting in touch with the University electronically

  • without an email program needing to be used,
  • without the concrete responsible body of the University or target persons being known.

    As with printed post, the mail room distributes your queries to the correct recipient for response and/or processing, based on the information you have provided.

Legal basis

The legal basis is Article 6 Paragraph 1 Letter e) GDPR together with Article 6 Paragraph 3 GDPR and § 4 of the State Data Protection Act (Landesdatenschutzgesetz).


Your message is received by the commissioner for people with disabilities or chronic illnesses at the University of Stuttgart.

Storage duration

At the latest one year following receipt of the email, the mail room deletes your message. The length of time for which the email is saved by the end recipient depends on the process which subsequently takes place.

Consequences of non-provision, right of objection and correction

The use of the form is voluntary. You can also get in touch with the University of Stuttgart by fax, email, telephone, personally or by post.
You are free to provide your name and email address in the form of a pseudonym when entering data, which means that the University cannot assign the information to a person. Should you not wish for your identity to be disclosed, it may then be the case that your matter cannot be processed.

Your rights

Information concerning your rights can be found in the data protection declaration of the University.

This statement was created on 20 November 2019.

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