From our own combined heat and power plant to an energy management system

Energy management

Efficiently using energy is seen as progressively more important these days. The university has deployed a total energy management system in order to find and potentially achieve improvements in energy efficiency. In this way, we seek to reduce energy use and cost.

Being energy-conscious is more important today than ever. This is why the university of Stuttgart puts a premium on comprehensive energy management. Beyond that, it operates its own heating and power plant and provides versatile tips on the themes of energy saving and energy efficiency.

Initiatives, tips, and information on energy efficiency

Under the Energy Efficiency tab on our website, you will find information on initiatives the university has already successful launched in this respect such as Initiative 1000 in the winter semester 2014/15 and in the winter semester 2015/16.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency certificates

Under Energy Conservation Regulation EnEv 2014, energy efficiency certificates for all public buildings with over 250 m2 floor space must be displayed in public. The university already makes uploading energy certificates for all of its buildings larger than 1,000 m2 easy over a web interface.

Energy efficiency certificates

The Pfaffenwald Combined Heat and Power Plant

Since 1959, the University of Stuttgart operates its own combined heat and power plant (CHP) in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. The CHP supplies not only electric power and heat to the university, but also cold-water district cooling. Heating, cooling, and steam delivery is self-contained and is exclusively assured by the CHP. In addition, the CHP is available for purposes of teaching and research.

Heating plant

Video clip: The Combined Heat and Power Plant of Uni Stuttgart

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This image shows  Jean-Claude Loux

Jean-Claude Loux


Managing Director CHP Pfaffenwald

This image shows Harald Hentze

Harald Hentze


Energy Manager

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