Vice Rector for Information Technology

The Rectorate

Dr. Simone Rehm has been a full-time member of the Rectorate with responsibility for information technology since 2016. As the University’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), she is tasked with meeting operational goals and implementing measures in the information technology area.

For a research-oriented university like the University of Stuttgart, information technology is of strategic importance. The Vice Rectorate for Information Technology drives technical innovation and prepares the University optimally for meeting the challenges of digitization in research and teaching. It pulls together IT skills and resources from throughout the University.

Dr. Simone Rehm, Vice Rector for Information Technology

For our university, being able to offer the best possible IT support for all processes is just as important as providing our students, lecturers and researchers with modern IT and information tools.

Dr. Simone Rehm, Vice Rector for Information Technology

Tasks and goals

Information Technology at the University of Stuttgart is charged with furnishing the infrastructural basis for

  • networking disciplines,
  • conducting first-rate research and teaching,
  • assuring secure and efficient administrative processes and
  • furnishing a teaching and learning environment for students that is stamped by innovation and creativity.

IT supports the University’s facilities in their work processes with advanced applications and fosters the integration of these processes. In doing so, it assures that research, teaching, and administration are effective, efficient, economical, secure, transparent and flexible.


This image shows Simone Rehm

Simone Rehm


Vice Rector for Information Technology (CIO)

This image shows Heiko Schulz

Heiko Schulz


Consultant for Information Technology and Personal Assistant to the CIO

Ulrike Reubelt


Assistant, Vice Rectorate for Information Technology

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