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Mobility, climate, migration: reflect on trends and help shape society

Your future? Become a problem solver for the big questions of tomorrow!

The University of Stuttgart will prepare you for tackling the changes that will face society in the future. Study fields such as sciences, social sciences, linguistics and humanities at the University of Stuttgart and become a problem solver.
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Are you interested in debates about society and want to be able to better understand political and economic processes? Do you find it important to think about societal, social and cultural developments and to connect them with life in the modern day as well as in the future? Then studying fields such as economics, social sciences, linguistics and humanities at the University of Stuttgart is the right choice for you!

Your study destination

A trademark of the University of Stuttgart is the “Stuttgarter Weg (Stuttgart Way)”: the guiding principle of networked disciplines. Especially for a technically-oriented university, this means it requires a certain amount of thought. Our recognized scientists, for example in the history of science and technology, the digital humanities, the philosophy of technology or the social sciences – but also in literature, history and art history – research subject areas that are relevant to society together with you. We help you to use the understanding gained yesterday and today to critically reflect on the questions of tomorrow.

We are well networked with the main institutions based in Stuttgart. No matter whether it’s a cultural institution, economic institution or sporting association, we will support you in getting in touch even during your university studies and making contacts with employers in the greater Stuttgart area.

Your future

Clever minds who can think critically are always in demand, whether as future high school teachers, committed members of staff in a cultural institution, an economic institution, a political party, an NGO or a foundation, in public relations work for a high-tech company, in public administration in Human Resources, in marketing or perhaps in social planning.

Become an expert in social issues and solve the problems of tomorrow!

Our bachelor’s degree programs in social issues

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