For doctoral researchers: Registering, applying and enrolling

The Act on Higher Education of the Land of Baden-Württemberg (Landeshochschulgesetz, LHG) stipulates that all doctoral degree students must be registered and matriculated. The new doctoral degree regulations implement these requirements.

In order to study for a doctoral degree at the University of Stuttgart, you must be accepted as a doctoral researcher and enroll as a doctoral student.

The following steps need to be taken:

  1. Formal registration with C@MPUS (entry of your data)
  2. Submission of the application documents to GRADUS
  3. After you have been accepted as a doctoral researcher: Enrollment (official membership of the University of Stuttgart)


As a prospective doctoral researcher at the University of Stuttgart, you are obliged to register in the data management system C@MPUS upon conclusion of an agreement on doctoral studies.

Registration in C@MPUS is the first part of your application as a doctoral researcher. Among other things, the purpose of the registration is

  • to record your personal data and your curriculum for the processing of your application (via the Graduate Academy and the Department Application, Admission, Enrollment),
  • and to inform you about the status of your application as a doctoral researcher and the status of your enrollment.

You can find detailed information on how to register in the C@MPUS instructions for registration, application and enrollment.

Application for acceptance

After registering in C@MPUS, please complete the data on your doctoral project (Application for acceptance as a doctoral student, printed out and signed by you)). Following this, please submit the required documents in hard copy directly to the Graduate Academy:

  • Application for acceptance as a doctoral researcher [de] (please sign the application form)
  • The signed agreement on doctoral studies, including:
    • Work plan and schedule
    • Details on your individual qualification program
  • CV
  • Certified copies of your university degrees, for example
    • the master’s degree certificate including the academic transcript (if you have completed your master’s degree at a university abroad, please also submit your bachelor’s degree certificate and transcript), or
    • the diploma certificate and academic transcript, or
    • the magister certificate and academic transcript, or
    • the state examination certificate and academic transcript.

If the degree was obtained at the University of Stuttgart, no certified copies of the degree documents are required, but simple copies of the originals (certificate and academic transcript) are sufficient. If the university degree documents are written in a language other than German or English, you must also submit certified translations of these documents.

Please mail the application documents to:

Universität Stuttgart
Graduierten-Akademie GRADUS
Pfaffenwaldring 5c
70569 Stuttgart

Alternatively, you can also deposit your documents in the large mailbox in front of the Student Services Center at the same address.

If you are unsure which boxes to check for some of the required information in the application for acceptance as a doctoral researcher, please ask your supervisor. If you have any organizational questions about registration, application, or enrollment, please send an email to Simone Hawlitschek (letters A – L) or Rabia Boztepe-Burgert (letters M – Z). Consultation hours are held at the following times: 

Wednesday from 9 a.m. - noon
Room 5.015
Student Services Center
Pfaffenwaldring 5c

Good to know:
GRADUS will process your application and forward it to the faculty at which you want to study. The decision on your application will be made by the relevant doctoral committee. This may take some time, as the doctoral committees generally meet only three times per semester. We kindly ask for your patience: The faculty will let you know as soon as a decision has been made.


According to the doctoral degree regulations, you are obliged to enroll as a doctoral student as soon as you have received the letter of acceptance from the doctoral committee of your faculty.

To enroll, please upload the acceptance letter to your C@MPUS account. Based on the upload, GRADUS will initiate your enrollment if no exception to the enrollment requirement is noted (see note for full-time employees). The actual enrollment will be done by the Admissions Office, which will contact you via C@MPUS.
Information on paying fees

Details on how to enroll are given in the C@MPUS instructions for registration, application and enrollment, starting on page 9.

Good to know:
If you are a full-time employee of the University of Stuttgart, you are not obliged to enroll. If you do not wish to enroll, please submit the completed and signed declaration for full-time employees [de] to Division 4, Personnel and Legal Affairs.

If you already have a letter of acceptance but have not yet registered with C@MPUS, please register online as indicated and upload a scanned copy of the letter. Then complete the enrollment procedure as described in the C@MPUS instructions for registration, application and enrollment, starting on page 9.

If you come from a country which is not a member state of the European Union, you must also submit a residence permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) from the local Foreigners’ Registration Office (Ausländerbehörde) in addition to the documents mentioned under “Registration” in order to enroll as a doctoral student.

In order to travel to Germany, you need a visa. Apply for a student applicant visa (Studienbewerbervisum) from a German embassy or German consulate in your home country before traveling. This can be converted into a residence permit after enrollment.

You will need to show proof of health insurance. In some cases, your health insurance from your home country will be recognized. You can obtain information about this from a statutory health insurance provider in Germany, e.g. the AOK, TK or DAK. If you cannot use your foreign health insurance in Germany, you will need to take out German health insurance. The International Office can help you with this.

Further information:
Information on enrollment: Admissions Office for Foreigners and EU Citizens
Advice and support for international doctoral students: International Office
Information about the Deutsche Studentenwerk (German National Association for Student Affairs)

This image shows Simone  Hawlitschek

Simone Hawlitschek


Doctoral Degree Admissions Manager (letters: A - L)

This image shows Rabia Boztepe-Burgert

Rabia Boztepe-Burgert


Doctoral Degree Admissions Manager (letters: M - Z)


Application, Admission, Enrollment

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