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In this guide we explain step by step how to enroll at the University of Stuttgart. The enrollment process takes place online via the campus management portal C@MPUS.

Enrollment takes place online

Since the winter semester 2023/24, enrollment at the University of Stuttgart is carried out exclusively online using the campus management portal C@MPUS.


You can complete your application for enrollment by clicking on "Send" after entering your data. You do not have to sign the application or submit it in paper form. It is possible to print your application for enrollment in C@MPUS. However, this will only create a data overview that is for your own records.

Step by step guide to the enrollment process

1. My application

After logging into C@MPUS, please access your list of applications.

Click on the application "My applications".
You can access your application by clicking "My applications".

2. Viewing your status and the detailed overview

You can access a detailed overview of your application by clicking on the arrow symbol.

Click on the arrow symbol marked "Show more details".
The arrow takes you to your application status.

3. Retrieving your letter of admission

If you have not already done so, please read your letter of admission carefully. The letter contains your enrollment deadline, among other things. 

You can download your letter of admission in the section "Admission" by clicking the button "Notification".

4. Accepting your place

In the "study place offer" section, click on "accept study place offer". 

Please note:
If you are still waiting for the result of a selection procedure for another study program, we recommend that you do not yet accept the place offered here. It is important that you only complete the enrollment process for the study program in which you wish to enroll. Good to know: You have until the enrollment deadline (see letter of admission) to accept the offer of a study place.

Click on "accept study place offer" to do this.
Click to accept your place.

5. If applicable, choose type of study program

You must only complete this step if you have already accepted a study place or if you are already studying at the University of Stuttgart! If this is not the case, please continue with the step "Add data (residual data entry)".

A new window opens with the title "Accept study place offer". Please select the options that apply.

This window only opens if you have already accepted a place or are already studying at the university of Stuttgart.

6. Add data (residual data entry)

Scroll down to the "enrollment" section. You may need to reload the page (via your browser) if no information is displayed in this section. After clicking on "Add data", the “residual data entry” window opens. In the residual data entry section, you can enter the additional data that we need to complete the enrollment process.

Important information: If you do not (yet) have the requested documents, you can upload them at a later date.

You can upload the remaining data by clicking the "Add data" button.

7. Health insurance details

Before providing your insurance status information, please read the information on our health insurance webpage carefully.

General rules:

  • Your insurance status will only be transmitted electronically from the health insurance company to the University of Stuttgart.
  • You must initiate this process by contacting your health insurance provider.
  • Please do not submit insurance certificates or similar.
Please provide information about your health insurance status.

8. Passport photo for your student ID card (ECUS)

Please upload a recent passport photo for your student ID card. Please follow the guidelines when uploading. If required, please refer to our FAQs on how to reduce the size of an image file. Please note that your image must still be recognizable after compression and must meet the criteria described in C@MPUS.

9. Statements concerning examination entitlement

If you have lost the right to take an examination in a study program in Germany or have definitively failed an examination, you must indicate this here. If this applies to more than one study program or university, you must enter them all.

The details of your examination entitlement can be entered in the free text field.
Please enter the details about your examination entitlement in the text field with a yellow border.

10. Preview

The process of the residual data entry is complete when you click on "finish". This is followed by the preview window. Take your time to read this through carefully.

Upper part of the preview, before sending your application for enrollment.

11. Sending your application for enrollment

Scroll all the way down in the preview and click on "send". When you have done this, your application for enrollment at the University of Stuttgart is complete. Digital submission is sufficient. You do not have to submit the application for enrollment in paper form. Please note that corrections are no longer possible after you have submitted your data. Once your data has been submitted, it is only possible to upload or replace (additional) documents within the deadline (see the step "Status of the other required documents" further down on this website).

You must click on "Send" at the end of the residual data entry.

After you have submitted your data, you may also print out the data overview of your application for enrollment for your own records. In the section "enrollment" you will find the button "Application". 

You can print the application for enrollment for your own records.

12. Status of your application for enrollment

You can track the status of your application for enrollment at any time in your C@MPUS account: Go to "Documents stated herein must be included in your application" in the "enrollment" section. In this list, please click on the arrow symbol next to "Application for enrollment" for opening the corresponding submenu with more information.

Please note that the status of your application for enrollment will automatically change to "received" within 24 hours after submission. If this is not the case, you may have missed the enrollment deadline (see letter of admission). The submission of your application for enrollment is decisive for meeting your enrollment deadline. This means that the "residual data entry" must be completed by the enrollment deadline.

Status of your application for enrollment (changes to "received" within 24 hours after submission).

13. Status of the other required documents

The status of the other required documents are listed below your application for enrollment. You can upload or replace documents here (this is also possible after completing the "residual data entry"). You can see the deadline for submitting the respective documents under "Status".

14. Semester fee

In order for us to be able to enroll you at the university, you must have transferred the semester fee and, if applicable, the tuition fee. Click on the "semester fee" link in C@MPUS for more information (amount and account information).

For more information about the semester fee, click on the "semester fee" link in the "enrollment" section.
In the "enrollment" section under "Next steps", you will find the link to the "semester fee".

15. Receipt of fees recorded in C@MPUS

Please note that it can take up to seven days for the receipt of money to be recorded in C@MPUS.

The receipt of the semester fee is recorded in the "enrollment" section under the item "status". When the full amount has been received, the status will change to "Tuition fees paid".
You can find the status of your semester fee in the "enrollment" section under the item "status". When the full amount has been received, the status will change to "Tuition fees paid".

16. Summary

Please note: Only when

  • your enrollment documents have been completed and verified;
  • and we have received payment of your tuition fees and
  • the electronic transmission from your health insurance provider,

is it possible to complete your enrollment.

The processing time is approximately 14 days. Due to the high number of applications, it may take longer in individual cases. We ask for your patience.



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