Stipends and support options

Look here for information on several scholarships for self-financing your doctoral degree studies, as well as various forms of financial assistance specially for women and international doctoral students.

You do not need to pay tuition for your doctoral program studies at a German university. However, you do have to cover your living expenses.

Most individual doctoral degree candidates at the University of Stuttgart already have a paid doctoral student job and work as research assistants for the University. If they are in structured PhD programs, they are also supported financially. Still another financing option for doctoral students is through outside employment.

If you are especially talented and motivated, you may also consider applying for a scholarship to cover your living expenses. Germany has many foundations, public agencies, and research organizations capable of supporting you and your research with a scholarship.

Additional funding options exist especially for women and international doctoral students.


General information and foundation search

Scholarships for the highly gifted

  • Stipendium Plus – A coalition of 13 organizations housed in the Federal Ministry for Education and Research to foster young talent
  • Announcement of the doctoral scholarships of the Landesgraduiertenförderung Baden-Württemberg: Information on the doctoral scholarships will be announced here at the time of publication of the announcement.

Scholarships by discipline and specialized field 

Topic-specific doctoral degree scholarships


Support for women

The Unit for Inclusive University Culture (uniqUS) counsels and informs young female scientists for a succesful application about the research promotions programmes intended specifically for women.

Mentoring program


Information for international doctoral students

In Germany, many foundations, research organizations and public institutions also support highly qualified doctoral students, including those from other countries.

The largest scholarship provider for international doctoral students is the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). On its website you will also find a scholarship data base that covers both DAAD scholarships and those offered by other institutions.

The University of Stuttgart's International Office provides support and answers to questions regarding your stay here. It can refer you to German language lessons and scholarship opportunities for doctoral students from other countries. Contact your advisor at the International Office.

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