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Preparatory college

Even if your foreign diploma does not qualify you for admission to study at a German university, a preparatory college can still offer you the chance to study at University of Stuttgart.

Under certain circumstance, the University of Stuttgart can refer international applicants whose diplomas do not qualify them for directly starting academic studies at a German university to a place in a preparatory studies college.  

General guideline:

  • With a two-semester course, the college prepares you for taking the so-called assessment test. Pass it and you can apply for admission to the University of Stuttgart
  • The University of Stuttgart does not have its own preparatory studies college; instead, depending on the field of specialization, you will be assigned either to the preparatory studies college at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) or at the Ruprecht Karls University Heidelberg
  • The prerequisite for preparatory studies college is having at least 500 to 800 hours of German language learning

The application deadline is:
for winter semester: July 15 and for summer semester: January 15!

Please follow these steps for referral to a place in a preparatory studies college:

  • fill out the DAAD Application for Admission and
  • enclose your authenticated certificates and proof of having at least 500 hours of German language learning.
  • Mail the application and the required documentation to the following Admissions Office postal address:

Universität Stuttgart
Studiensekretariat für Ausländer/innen und EU-Bürger/innen 
Pfaffenwaldring 5c
70569 Stuttgart

  • Please refer to this DAAD instruction leaflet for more information.
  • After completing the above steps, wait to be notified of the Admissions Office’s decision.
  • To attend the preparatory study college, you must take an entrance exam in two subjects.
  • The exam may only be repeated once.
  • You can only be admitted to the college if you have a student visa or the relevant residency permit at the time of admission.
  • More information on the Placement Test (ET) and Entrance Exam [de] of the Heidelberg preparatory college and the  Entrance exam [de] of the preparatory college in Karlsruhe.

Provided you have passed the assessment test following completion of your preparatory studies in no more than four semesters (including the starting semester), you can then apply to the University of Stuttgart for admission to academic studies. Please use the online application on the Online-Bewerbung (C@MPUS) and upload a copy of your completed assessment test the completed application form.

More information on the different preparatory colleges in Germany.


This image shows Admissions Office for Foreign Nationals and EU Citizens

Admissions Office for Foreign Nationals and EU Citizens

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