From the university to a startup

Anyone who would like to go independent and set up their own business can find numerous teaching and further training opportunities, consulting options and information at the University of Stuttgart - from study programs to startup programs and from consulting appointments to the provision of workspaces and office space.

As an industrial powerhouse, Baden-Württemberg exerts a strong attraction on innovators and inventive talent. The state is among Europe's most active regions in this respect, with a large startup scene. Startups from top research are important for this innovative strength. One aim of the University of Stuttgart is to strengthen this potential, and in doing so support and promote knowledge and technology transfer in science, economy and society.

Institut for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science (ENI)

To encourage a startup culture at the University of Stuttgart, an Endowed Chair position has been created at the Institute of Entrepreneurship to enhance the institute’s current activities and programs.  This gives the existing structures a new common framework and encourages further strategic development in this field.

The institute educates students in the topics of entrepreneurship and innovations, while its dedicated research on entrepreneurship provides valuable new insights in this field. A comprehensive support network for start-ups is also being successively developed to ensure that our students and scientists are able to reach their full innovation potential.

Technology Transfer Initiative (TTI GmbH)

The  TTI GmbH offers comprehensive advice and information on subjects relating to planning a startup

  • Planning and preparing a start-up venture
  • Expert, motivational support when creating a business plan
  • Assistance in finding network partners, as well as mentors and resources at the University of Stuttgart
  • Leasing of space for start-ups in the Technology Center
  • Help with acquiring funding

Under the umbrella of TTI GmbH, students and academic employees can also establish transfer companies and launch startup projects. The TTI assumes the legal, financial and personnel management as well as the administrative contract review.

Newsletter about start-ups and entrepreneurship at the University of Stuttgart

Regardless of whether you are a student at the University of Stuttgart, a researcher, or part of the region’s entrepreneurial community – the entrepreneurship newsletter has something for everyone. This biweekly newsletter provides information about events, competitions, start-ups, and other news relating to entrepreneurship at the University of Stuttgart and in the region.


This image shows Alexander Brem

Alexander Brem

Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. pol.

Head of the institute

This image shows Rubina Zern-Breuer

Rubina Zern-Breuer


Head of Transfer Center


Christine Meier

Nobelstraße 15, 70569 Stuttgart

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