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Support for Ukraine

The University of Stuttgart supports prospective students, students and researchers affected by the war of aggression in Ukraine. And it would also like to express its gratitude for the numerous aid initiatives undertaken by university members and would like to establish a network of aid activities.

The University of Stuttgart condemns the Russian acts of war in Ukraine and has pledged support to all affected members of academic institutions in Ukraine in its public declaration of solidarity "Together against Putin's War".

Members of the University of Stuttgart can register support or aid initiatives using the form on the German-language website and exchange information. Registered activities will be published on this page.

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Support for researchers from Ukraine

Scientists from Ukraine also have the option of conducting a temporary research project at one of the institutes of the University of Stuttgart as a visiting scientist. Funding programs are available to finance this kind of research project. 

From Ukraine to Germany

Four Urkainian researchers talk about their way to Germany, how they live and work here and what has changed for them since their arrival.

Ukrainian researchers narrate

How can I get involved?

The following list offers an overview of both local and Germany-wide initiatives and aid organizations that collect donations or support refugees after their arrival.

The University of Stuttgart wants to establish a network of helpers, initiatives and campaigns. University members can register their support activities and initiatives using the form on the German-language website. Registered initiatives will be published in our list of initiatives in a timely manner.

[Photos: Begegnungsraum Stuttgart e.V., o.A.]


This image shows Elena von Klitzing

Elena von Klitzing


Head of Welcome Campus for Refugees

This image shows Raphaela Diel

Raphaela Diel


Head of Welcome Center for international researchers

This image shows Lydia Lehmann

Lydia Lehmann


Deputy Head of University Communi­ca­tions

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