Making robots more intelligent

Your future? Become a problem solver for the big questions of tomorrow!

Developing augmented reality and advancing data processing: artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are among the most important fields of research for the future.

Do you want to construct nanorobots for medicine, make software systems even more secure, develop self-programming machines and ensure that artificial intelligence makes fair decisions? Then studying AI and robotics at the University of Stuttgart is the right choice for you!

Your study destination

We live and breathe intelligent systems at the University of Stuttgart. For example, the University is involved in the Cyber Valley project. This is one of the largest research collaborations in Europe in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and has become an international flagship. Or our Cluster of Excellence “Data-Integrated Simulation Science (SimTech)”: More than 200 scientists from the University of Stuttgart carry out research here across different disciplines. 

Our top scientists are experts in fields such as artificial language processing, cyber security, control engineering or medical technology, and give students the benefit of their specialist knowledge. They will give you the education you need for your entire future career.

Your future

There are a number of companies based in the Stuttgart region which provide an increasing amount of employment in the fields of AI and robotics. These are some of the most future-proof disciplines around. A degree in these fields guarantees you bright job prospects. Jobs exist in almost all industries.

Become an AI expert and solve the problems of tomorrow!

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