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Statistical figures on study programs, employment and finances offer an overview of the teaching and research environment at our University. Rankings provide a comparison to other universities both in Germany and abroad.


In the winter semester 2020/21 a total of 23,855 students were enrolled on 73 bachelor's study programs and 95 master's study programs at the University of Stuttgart.


In the financial year 2019, the University of Stuttgart's total budget was 536,055,000 euros.

The university's total budget amounts to 535,055,000 Euro. Of this, the state subsidy including investments amounts to 52 percent, third-party funds 44 percent and other income 4 percent.
The University of Stuttgart's budget in 2019 - actual revenue (provisional figures)
Type of funds Amount in
Thousand euros
State subsidy (incl. investments) 279,605
External funding 232,983
Other income (without transitory funds) 23,467
Total budget 536,055


As of Dec. 1, 2019, there were 5308 people employed at the University of Stuttgart.

Group Headcount Women Full-time equivalents
Professors 265 15.5% 263.6
Junior professors 14 21.4% 14
Other academic staff 3141 26.3% 2801.6
Non-scientific staff 1888 54.1% 1633.1
Total 5308 34.9% 4780.0


Annual Report

The annual report "Figures Data Facts" provides an overview of the most important figures. A printed version of this is included in the spring edition of the magazine Forschung Leben.

Statistical Review

The Statistical Review makes comprehensive statistical data on students and employees of the University of Stuttgart readily and graphically accessible. It's only available in german language.


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