Supporting students and early career researchers

Are you thinking about engaging as a mentor, offering internships, or awarding scholarships or prizes? These are some of the ways you can help foster the careers of students tangibly or intangibly.

We at the University of Stuttgart place great importance on the support and promotion of early career researchers. Not only do we turn students into outstanding experts in their particular field, we also mold them into globally-thinking and responsible citizens with an inclusive attitude for science, society, and business. In the process, our industrial partners play an important role, both by offering internship placements and by providing scholarships and awards, as well as through their involvement in the mentoring program.

In cooperation with the Gender Equality Officer, the Graduate Academy of the University of Stuttgart offers mentoring programs that are gender- and diversity-sensitive. In these programs, early career researchers have the opportunity to build and expand networks in business, industry, and society across disciplines, generations, and institutions. You can support them as a mentor in this process.

For years, the Germany scholarship has been popular with its donors. It is match-funded by the government. Selection criteria for scholarship awardees are not only academic merit, but also engagement and special strengths.

  • At Stellenwerk [de], the official online job exchange of the University of Stuttgart, you can publish your job advertisements, internships, and company profiles.
  • At "PraktikumsInfoBörse" (Student Counseling Center's Internship board [de]), you can advertise internships, theses, and job offers - especially if you are a small or medium-sized enterprise - aimed at students and graduates in science and engineering. Advertising at PraktikumsInfoBörse is free of charge. You can notify us directly of your offer using our online form [de].
  • Special internships for students of the humanities and social sciences can be advertised at "Studium-Praktikum-Beruf", the internship exchange of the Student Counseling Center at the University of Stuttgart.
  • Of course, you are also welcome to contact the faculties and institutes at the University of Stuttgart directly or get in touch with the numerous student councils of our student representatives.

If you need assistance in finding interns, you are welcome to contact the Office of the Rectorate of the University of Stuttgart.

If you would like to award prizes for outstanding study achievements to students or graduates, the Office of the Rectorate of the University of Stuttgart will be happy to find the right contact person for you.

If you prefer to approach the offices of the deans yourself, you will find an overview of all faculties and institutes of the University of Stuttgart on the website of faculties and institutes.

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