Erasmus Mundus

An Erasmus Mundus program allows you to spend up to three semesters in Stuttgart. Find out whether you qualify for an Erasmus Mundus program..

The University of Stuttgart participates in the program(s) mentioned below. Students within an Erasmus Mundus program can spend one to three semesters at the University of Stuttgart. Usually the program starts in the winter semester. Applications must be directed to the coordinating university of the respective program. More information on study contents and the application procedure can be obtained directly on the webpages of the programs.

If you come to the University of Stuttgart within an Erasmus Mundus program, you must also seek admission  to the University of Stuttgart. Please see below for further information.

Application process

The application procedure for Erasmus Mundus and European Master students for the winter semester will be accomplished in five steps:

Nomination Deadline: 

April 1

Before we can process your application you need to be nominated for a study period at the University of Stuttgart by the coordinating university of your Erasmus Mundus and European Master program.

Intensive German course
Students in the European Master program Physics Fusion EP are required to participate in the intensive German course (IGC) prior to the lecture period. The course starts in early September. 


May 1

As soon as you have been nominated according to Step 1, you will be provided with the link to the Mobility-Online portal. Please upload the following documents on the registration platform:

  • Letter of acceptance to the Erasmus Mundus program issued by the coordinating institution
    A passport size photo
  • Proof of German language skills (we recommend that you may have at least one year or 200 hours of coursework in German or A1 according to the European reference frame AND participation in the intensive German course at the University of Stuttgart
  • You can apply for the intensive German course (IGC) on Mobility-Online as well

The online registration must be printed out, signed and e-mailed to the course coordinator of your program at the University of Stuttgart before the given deadline.


June 1

After completing your registration on the Mobility-Online platform, we will inform you by e-mail about how to apply for admission via our web-based application system C@MPUS. Please remember: You have to apply for admission as a non-degree individual student.

The C@MPUS portal will be open as of mid-May.

Please note that you have to provide all required information online and that you have to upload all application documents.

If your online application is correct and complete by the given deadline, you will be able to download your letter of admission (Zulassungsbescheid) on the C@MPUS platform no later than four weeks after the deadline. The bank details required for payment of fees will be found in your C@MPUS account (for students coming from outside the EU: In order to avoid additional remittance fees we strongly recommend that you transfer your semester contribution after your arrival in Stuttgart).

Please note:

As of Oct. 1, 2017 a tuition fee of EUR 1500 per semester will most likely be charged. In order to become enrolled you will have to pay the tuition at first. However, the money will be refunded to you by your program afterwards. In order to get detailed information about the refunding, please contact your program coordinator at the University of Stuttgart.

Pre-departure information

In early July we will send you important pre-departure information. It covers all the important information you need to get ready, including how to get health insurance, set up a bank account and enroll once you are here.


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