Scientific course of study in the arts teacher training program

Are you interested in combining your music or arts teacher training program with a scientific discipline? If so, bear in mind a few special requirements when applying and paying fees.

To study a scientific subject in addition to your music or arts teacher training program you must not only be enrolled at the University of Stuttgart but also in an arts or music college.

In the fall semester 2015/16, teacher training studies were shifted to the Bachelor's-Master's system. Applications for the GymPO teacher training program into the first course semester are only possible in exceptional cases. Please follow the interim regulations.



Applications for entering the spring semester GymPO I teacher training program are only accepted for the higher regular semester.

To apply for a scientific field of study in the arts teacher training program, please use the online application.

To enroll in the scientific field of study you will need proof of enrollment (enrollment letter) for the arts teacher training program at an arts or music college.

  • When simultaneously enrolling in both institutions, the study fees are only to be paid at the art or music college (evidenced by current enrollment certification).
  • If you are not (any longer) enrolled in the art or music school (in other words, have already taken all arts sub-examinations), the semester contribution is payable at the University of Stuttgart.
  • The student body fee for a dual enrollment must be paid at both institutions.

See the teacher training programs and study programs web pages for information on the arts teacher training program. Contact the Admissions Office if you have additional questions about the program.