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Doctoral studies at the University of Stuttgart

A doctoral degree is proof that you are capable of in-depth scientific work, and lays the foundation for a career in science or industry.

Ten reasons to study for a doctoral degree at the University of Stuttgart

The University of Stuttgart

  1. is considered one of the most outstanding technical research universities in Germany, with a worldwide reputation
  2. is a hub for academic, non-academic and industrial research
  3. sees itself as a guarantor of holistic, research-oriented teaching with a focus on quality
  4. stands for the interdisciplinary integration of engineering, natural sciences, the humanities and social sciences based on top-level research in the various disciplines with its “Stuttgart method”
  5. is nestled in one of Europe's most vibrant industrial regions, and enjoys cooperative arrangements with companies and institutions in the local area as well as across Germany and worldwide
  6. is one of the universities which gets the most external funding in Germany
  7. offers excellent conditions for research
  8. provides doctoral candidates with a variety of cross-disciplinary qualifications, information and advisory services and a number of mentoring programs
  9. provides staff with individual support via a range of measures and personnel development and health management programs
  10. is committed to equal opportunities and family friendliness

Different doctorate opportunities

There are a variety of ways to gain a doctoral degree:

Individual doctoral studies

  • Individual freedom in choosing the topic and supervisor.
  • A doctoral degree may be done in any subject area represented at the University of Stuttgart.
  • You can freely choose a potential supervisor from among 10 different faculties and around 150 institutes.
  • You can draw on the full range of qualifications offered by the graduate academy.

Structured doctoral studies

  • You are part of a larger research association.
  • You work on a research topic across different disciplines and working together with several, largely also international doctoral candidates.
  • You complete a comprehensive professional and interdisciplinary qualification program.

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