Selection criteria and admissions statutes for Bachelor's programs

Many study programs have requirements to be met, such as entrance exams or furnishing specific documents. The table on the German website will show you what to be prepared for.

The selection criteria and admissions statutes for Bachelor's programs are only published in German. Please turn to the German website for further information.

Selection criteria and admissions statutes [de]

Applicants from non-EU countries (without a German university entrance qualification) are only required to submit the requisite proofs for study programs that have entrance examinations (in German: Aufnahmeprüfung). They don't participate in the higher education admissions process (in German: Hochschulauswahlverfahren). For more details, see the admission requirements for international prospective students.

Requirements for international students

In general, the following applies:

  • Review the school-related and other selection criteria for your desired study program and upload the necessary documentation in the Campus-Management-System C@MPUS.
  • Only facts that are corroborated by the relevant report cards, certificates, documents or similar material can be considered.
  • You will find more detailed information on selection criteria and how they are applied in the respective admissions statutes listed in the table on the German website.
  • Legal basis are the respective admission statutes, therefore changes are possible.


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