Welcome first-semester students and students!

Together with the stuvus student council and many other representatives from the University of Stuttgart, Professor Wolfram Ressel, Rector at the University of Stuttgart, would like to welcome students and first-semester students to the summer semester 2021.

Welcome to the summer semester 2021!

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Dear students, 
dear fellow students,
welcome back! Welcome to the summer semester 2021!

And once again, we begin a semester that will be taking place primarily online. There is nothing we can do to change this, but we have always managed to make the bast of it so far – and in the meantime we’ve become quite practiced at learning as we go along. It is now time to begin a successful summer semester!

“Together” is not just a word. Meetings and face-to-face encounters have always been particularly important to us at the University of Stuttgart.

Many student groups are trying very hard to ensure they stay in contact: whether in study groups or drinking a coffee together online. The lecturers are also very supportive. We are open to feedback, whether this takes the form of specific questions or suggestions for technical improvements – so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

The Student Counselling Center is also on hand to  help if needed. It is completely normal to find some things extremely difficult in the current situation. In such unprecedented times, it is also normal to question whether studying at university was the right choice. It is good to talk about such issues and the door is always open at the ZSB - albeit digitally.

The MINT College is there to support those studying MINT subjects. The college offers helpful teaching videos, learning platforms and an open online learning space. The University Library also offers certain services online. You can order and borrow most books digitally. And when circumstances allow, you can also research or collect books onsite.

“Together” also means coming “together” regardless of our differences. Very different groups work together at the university. stuvus offers a strong student body that is there to lend an open ear for your concerns at university, they have lots of creative ideas and the commitment and willingness to implement them. It is of great importance to all of us here that we can break down barriers to ensure that everyone can get involved.

 We are delighted to welcome international students and are proud to present an abundance of diversity. Regardless of how different we are: together, we are the University of Stuttgart. And by working together, we will also make a success of the summer semester.

Greetings from Prof. Wolfram Ressel, Rector at the University of Stuttgart; Matthias Erhardt, Chairman of the Student Council stuvus; Prof. Monilola Olayioye, Vice Rector for Early Career Researchers and Diversity; Lina Weber, stuvus consultant; Prof. Michael Eisermann; Reiner Laue, Student Counseling Center; Dr. Norbert Röhrl, MINT-College Stuttgart, Marion Höcke, International Office. 
Let us begin the summer semester together!

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