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Help for international students

Cross Cultural Mentoring Program

Are you a international student at the University of Stuttgart and are looking for answers about your studies or have questions about life in Germany? Become a mentee* in the Cross Cultural Mentoring Program and get the support you need. (*a person who has a Mentor)

The Cross Cultural Mentoring Program is designed to help you with questions about

  • your studies
  • the University
  • life in Germany
  • German language and culture

Leisure program

Other students accompany and support mentees for an entire semester as personal mentors. The mentoring program helps you make friends and also offers:

  • a fascinating workshop on life in Germany with intercultural training content (mandatory for participation)
  • extra courses on various topics offered by mentors
  • a leisure time program with reserved pub tables, excursions, cultural and sports activities

 We are looking forward to meeting you!


Signing up as a mentee for the summer term 2019 is available again. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail.

Participants standing on a bridge, waving  (c) Patrick Wolff
Winter semester 2012/2013

… interested international students who

  • plan to complete their entire Bachelor’s or Master’s studies at the University of Stuttgart (full-time program)
  • are just beginning their studies or are experiencing difficulties studying (higher semesters also qualify)
  • have time to meet at least twice a month with the mentor
  • are interested in meeting people from other cultures
  • have time for a one-day introductory workshop and the social program
  • a mentor who will be there for you during an entire semester to help with any questions
  • the chance to speak lots of German and understand it better
  • the chance to get to know German culture intensively
  • an enjoyable introductory workshop with intercultural training content
  • other interesting workshops
  • free classes (in German grammar and conversation, Java, Matlab, CAD, athletics, and music)
  • a great leisure time program
  • certificate of participation or certificate of intercultural competence and internationality
  • Quickly accustomed to the University of Stuttgart
  • Support for all questions on how to organize your studies
  • Help with courses
  • Integration into German society and life in Stuttgart
  • New friends throughout Germany and the world
  • Active participation in a cool university program
  • The chance to do volunteer work
  • Intercultural, communications and social skills
  • Learning about new cultures and point of views
  • Reflecting on your own culture

Registration for the winter semester 2018/19 is not available anymore. The registration period for the Summer term begins in February/march 2019.

For registration, please fill in the online form. Afterwards, you will be provided with an appointment offer for a short interview. Additionally to the preparation, the attendance in an one-day orientation workshop is mandatory. You find the dates in the registration form.


Short movie - filmed by participants

Duration: 1:11 | © Lun Yan | Source: University of Stuttgart

The three pillars of the Cross Cultural Mentoring Program

The most important pillar of the program is the one-on-one relationship between the international mentee and his/her mentor. Mentor and mentee meet at least twice a month. Mentors support their mentees with all questions touching their studies, getting oriented at the University, and social integration into life in Germany. The mentee in turn will introduce his/her mentor to his/her own culture and perspective on Germany.

The mentees take part in a one-day introduction seminar at the beginning of the semester.

The program coordinators prepare the mentors for their task in a two-day introductory seminar at the start of the semester.

During the semester, the program coordinators also serve as on-call counseling resources.

The mentoring activity counts as an interdisciplinary key skill (social competence) with three credit points toward the mentor’s studies. It also increases mentors’ chances of gaining a place to study abroad.

All mentors receive a certificate of participation upon turning in their final report.


Every semester we offer participants of the Cross Cultural Mentoring Program a variety of free workshops. 

Peer-to-peer courses

To support the mentees regarding their language, academic and personal skills, ours mentors offer a variety of free courses (which can also be taken by mentors, of course). The courses reflect the interests, know how and knowledge of our mentors and therefore change every semester. Usually German, foreign languages and programming languages however are on offer each semester.

The courses taking place in winter semester 2018/2019 can be seen below.
Please note: Registration for all courses is obligatory unless otherwise stated by using this onlineform. 

Bouldering for beginners and advanced boulderers
Course times: every second Monday and every second Thursday, 7 pm (ask for the exact dates per e-mail)
Place: Climbmax, Zuffenhausen or Café Kraft, Möhringen
Entrance fee: 10-11 EUR + fee for renting shoes 3,50 EUR
Course language: German and English
Beginning: 05.11.2018

Free Drawing
Course times: Mondays, 6 pm – 8 pm (weekly)
Place: Internationales Zentrum  (IZ), Pfaffenwaldring 60, room U.026
Course language: German, English
Start: 12.11.2018.

This course will teach you the fundamental basics of drawing: how to use ledger lines, put light and shadow in the right context and draw different types of textures. The goal is to be able to express yourself through sketches and drawings. If the participants are interested it is also possible to visit exhibitions or museums.

Recommended materials:

  • Sketchbook A4, bound (recommended paperweight- 120g/m-180g/m), Price: 5-15 Euro
  • Pencils (H,2B,5B) or mechanical pencil (diameter 0.5/0.7 und 2.0), Price: 5-10 Euro

If you don‘t have the materials at home yet or you don’t want to buy them before the course it is no problem. All you need to start will be one pencil (maybe a pencil sharpener) and a white sheet of paper. You can buy what you feel you need during the semester.

Cooking Group "Dinner Hopping"
In this course we want to meet up and cook together! Each time we will meet in the kitchen of one of the participants, therefore participants who have a kitchen big enough and are willing to share it with the others for one evening come first. When registering please also write into the comment section if you have a kitchen to share or not. Due to this the number of participants is limited to 7.

You will get further information concerning the first meeting from Lisa after your registration. We will try dishes from all over the world. Everyone can suggest dishes and we will decide together what will be cooked the next week. The costs (up to 5 € or less per person per evening) will be split between the participants each time, so please bring some cash to the meetings.

The meetings will be on Thursdays from 19:30 pm on the following days:


I am looking forward to cooking with you and hope you will register!
Kind regards, Lisa

Vegetarian Cooking Group
The goal of this course is to learn about well-balanced vegetarian nutrition. David and Alexander will show you with carefully picked recipes that vegetarian cooking is a lot more than plain vegetable stew -- both healthy and extremely tasty! The expenses will be divided between participants and collected at the beginning of each meeting.

Place: Ausbildungscampus, Jägerstraße 14, 70174 Stuttgart (Stadtmitte).
Time: Mondays 7:30 pm to 9 pm on the following dates:

Monday, 19.11.18
Monday, 10.12.18
Monday, 28.1.19
Monday, 25.2.19

The course is a cooperation between the Cross-Cultural Mentoring Program and the Ausbildungscampus, which supports young people with a refugee background to acquire a vocational qualification. Five participants from the Ausbildungscampus are joining our cooking group, so that we have 8 spots for participants of the Cross-Cultural Mentoring program.

Photography (block seminar)
The course consists of two parts:

The goal of the first part (Wednesday 28.11.2018, 2 pm – 6 pm at the IZ, Room U.026) is to make the most of your equipment and to learn about better pictorial design. You will learn how to adjust the camera to achieve specific effects. In addition, you will learn about the effect of the golden ratio, the basic perspective rules of the shooting position and about what to take into account for when taking photographs.

The second part (Sunday 13.01.2018, time and place to be announced) will be a photo trip. We go into nature, take photos and apply the acquired knowledge :)

 „Everybody Speaks Music“ (Mentoring Music Band) - no registration necessary, just come along!
Course times: Wednesdays, 7:30 pm (weekly)
Place: Campus Vaihingen, Ökumenisches Zentrum, Allmandring 6
Course language: German and English
Start: 07.11.2018.

We meet once a week to play various songs with various genres. Bring your own instrument!

"Tea with Alfred": Conversation in English (minimun level: B 1)
Course times: Fridays, 02:00 - 03:30 pm (weekly or every second week)
Place: Internationales Zentrum  (IZ), Pfaffenwaldring 60, Room U.026
Course Language:  English
Beginning: 25.05.18

A varied social program with regular round table meetups, excursions, as well as sports and cultural events complement our stable of in-house events (our kick-off event, international evenings, christmas parties and many more!).

All participants are encouraged to make suggestions and to organize events themselves.  

Objectives of the Cross Cultural Mentoring Program

  • Intercultural exchange between German and international students
  • Social integration and participation of international students in university life
  • Hands-on advice and support for international students
  • Improvement of international students’ academic performance and German language skills
  • Reduction of the drop-out rate of international students
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Promoting intercultural, social, and communicative skills

Impressions from the last semesters


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Sarah Walz

Coordinator Cross Cultural Mentoring Program