The Stuttgart Way – alliances and projects

The interdisciplinary research of the "Stuttgart Way" is supported by a variety of versatile and flexible formats. We actively initiate and support collaborative projects, thereby establishing the necessary infrastructure for cooperative research endeavors.

Various formats exist at the University of Stuttgart to promote and bundle interdisciplinary research. Within these structures, researchers can establish and expand collaborations and test the potential of their interdisciplinary work. The resulting platforms connect people and projects beyond specialist boundaries and form the creative basis for the "Stuttgart Way".

At the University of Stuttgart, a distinction is made between two groups of research alliances: There are those that are predominantly supported by institutes of the University of Stuttgart (which does not exclude cooperation with external partners); and alliances in which external partners play an equal role. These primarily includes cooperations with industrial companies.

These research alliances are divided into four categories according to the volume of external funding and the number of participating institutions. They are:

  • Stuttgart Center (SC) und Research Campus Stuttgart (RCS),
  • Stuttgart Research Centers (SRCs) and Stuttgart Technology Partnership (STP),
  • Stuttgart Research Focus (SRF) and Stuttgart Research Partnership (SRP),
  • Stuttgart Research Initiative (SRI) and Stuttgart Partnership Initiative (SPI).
This image shows Courtney  Burrell

Courtney Burrell


Research Consultant, Office Research Council

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Nicole Bach


Research Consultant

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