Symbolbild Studiengang Romance Studies

Final Degree: Bachelor of Arts 

Romance Studies

one-subject B.A.
Standard Period of Study: 6 semesters
Start of studies: winter semester
Teaching Language: German

This study program is not being offered in English. For further information please visit the German version of the study program.

What makes the research-oriented Master’s in Romance Studies program stand out is the way in which it links French and Italian. The studies program rests on the pillars of linguistics, literature, humanities and language practice. Key qualifications round out the degree program.

You can customize your studies profile with additional modules in two elective areas (in the academic area and in language and cultural competence). In addition, you will receive a grounded general education through interdisciplinary offerings in “extracurricular studies.”

Literary and Language Studies

Duration: 3:01 | Source: YouTube

Knowledge of the French language (level B1) is a prerequisite for enrolling in the program. Italian can be learned starting with the first semester. If taken as a minor subject, knowledge of both French and Italian is required for admission.

Candidates for the program should:

  • Be interested in language and culture
  • Enjoy reading and writing, analyzing and doing research
  • Able to work independently, engage actively in research
  • Present research results confidently in public
  • Be prepared for a stay abroad
  • Do internships and take career-preparatory courses while studying
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